Saturday, May 13, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Fountains

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


A village had two fountains. Everyone in that village lived a long life thanks to the fountains.

However there was a problem.

"The other fountain is unnecessary for us, right?"

One day,

"Help! There is a serious trouble. The old-man on the other side..."
"He'll get devoured if we don't hurry."

When we reached the site,

"Oh! So this is the reason why we need the other fountain."

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  1. So my friends and I been talking about this one and basically what one of them came up was that one fountain devours people as a source of the other fountain to help them live longer. That's the most reasonable explanation we came up with XP

    1. Yes, it's like you said. There are two fountains: one that makes you younger, and other makes you older.

      The catch is that the fountain of youth will keep you making younger as long as you are in it. So, the people use the growing old fountain to grow older incase they became too young.

      In this story, someone decided to checkout the old fountain but since his body grew weak as he aged, he couldn't escape the fountain.

    2. Your theory also make sense: one fountain devours people and other gets it rejuvenating water from the devoured people.

      It's like zero sum game. You lose some people to again youth.

  2. This one is a bit tricky. I discounted the fountains being Fountains of Youth because of the mention of the old man but the meaning of 'the other side' has me stumped. Look forward to the answer !

    1. One is fountain of youth and other is fountain that make you older. Even i don't know the correct answer. Flaky May has posted a nice explanation above. Do check it out.

  3. sorry...the first thing came to my mind was inappropriate thing....

  4. *waiting for the answer. idk I thought that two fountains act as some kind of gate so when one is destroyed, the boder of this world and anither world would be no more...

    yeah yeah, it's no logic at all 😅

    1. That could be a plot for an anime. XD

      A good explanation has been posted by Flaky May above. Please check it out.


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