Saturday, March 12, 2016

Japanese Urban Legend: The red crayon

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Urban Legend

Child with crayon

I heard this story from my friend who used to work as a real estate agent.

During those days, he was in the charge of a certain apartment. There was a peculiar thing about that apartment: it had a room with an ambience completely different from the other rooms.

He always got a strange sensation whenever he entered that room. One day, he noticed that the corridor of that room was 1 meter shorter that the other rooms. He wondered whether this was the reason he felt weird in this room.

He wondered why it was shorter. He tried tapping on the wall that was at the end of that corridor. When he did that, he figured that there was a certain vacant space between the original wall and the wall he was now tapping.

He was getting a bad vibe about this, so he took the permission from the branch manager, and tore down the wall together with his manager.

"I would have felt a lot better if a decayed corpse or something had been found there instead, but..."

What they found was an unsettling graffiti on the wall. On the newfound wall in that space, he saw that something was written all over the wall. It was all written with a red crayon and it read,


At the end, they didn't erase it and reconstructed the wall they had broken. My friend then handed over the charge of that apartment to his senior.

I don't know whether this story is creepy or sad.
What you think about this story? write in the comments below.

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  1. Um, but the kid who wrote "Mother" is already dead right? Then where is the corpse?

    1. I think the kid + mother were the first occupant in that room. Maybe, the mother left him all alone in that room and he died after writing that message on the wall.
      Then, the new occupants came and started experiencing weird things; therefore, they decided to build another wall to hide the previous wall.

      Or maybe there was only one occupant involved. That occupant killed the child, disposed the corpse and build the wall to hide the graffiti. Also, I think that the graffiti might be haunted.

      But hey that's just a theory, a creepy theory.

  2. Zerochan is not a proper source.
    The original artist is 蒔間 at pixiv (id=714030) and they deleted that specific work. The url was

    1. So basically someone reuploaded it on zerochan.OK, I'll update the source link. Even if it's deleted it'll help people to know the real artist.


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