Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Japanese Ghost Story : The man in reflection

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Ghost Story


The incident that I'm about to narrate happened when I was still an elementary school student.

During those days, I regularly used trains to travel to travel to and back from the school.
One way trip took up to 30 minutes. So, naturally, I found myself drowning in boredom during the journey.

Usually, I, my sister, and my friend---3 of us---would travel together to the school. But there were times when they were involved in club activities, and I traveled all alone back from school.

So during such a time, when I was traveling alone back from school, I came across this creepy incident.

The outside of the train was completely dark because of the winter season.
I was mindlessly gazing at the dark landscape through the window.

Just like always, I was in the first car of the train and was gazing outside at the dark scenery.
A while later, I came up with this funny game to kill the time. It was "choose a particular person being reflected in the glass, then turn back and find that person inside the train."

I immediately started picking people with peculiar features and searched for them inside the train.
It was a simple game but I was enjoying it.

After a while of playing, I saw a tall guy with glasses. He was taller than everyone on the train and this particular feature made him stood out from the other people. I wondered why I didn't notice such a characteristic person sooner.

"He might have boarded the train at the last station", I thought.
I turned back to search for that person, but much to my surprise, I couldn't find him anywhere among the crowd. Such a tall person should be easily findable in the crowd, right? That's why I turned again and again to search for that person. But he wasn't there. He even stopped reflecting in the window glass after some time.

At first I thought it could be my imagination.
But now, I think I certainly saw a man who was only visible in the glass, and maybe he wasn't present inside the train.

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  1. Uhh... so the man was a ghost which only could be seen on rhe window? Cause the narrator explained that he couldn't see the scenery behind the window... OAO

    1. Yes, it was a ghost who could only be seen in reflective surfaces.


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