Sunday, January 22, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Home Alone


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


I'm all alone at the house right now.

My parents have gone to attend a funeral.
My sister has gone to visit her friend.

I'm the only one in the house.

I turn on the TV after locking all the doors.

The all-star pro-baseball match is being broadcasted on TV.

Pacific-league has decided to field first.

I wonder who'll win...?

I think I heard someone's footsteps on the second floor.

I hear someone entering into the room above me.

Ah, it must be my sister. She came home early...

Well, I think her friend might be busy today.

I turn towards the TV.
Itoi of the Oryx hits the ball perfectly.

At that moment, I hear a laugh coming from above.

She looks in a good mood.

The match is becoming more intense.

Sawamura of the Giants is doing a good pitching.
This time I hear a angry shout coming from above.
Is she angry?

Her voice sounds messy. Maybe, she has cold? She should just got to sleep.

The match ends in a draw.
It was an interesting match.

Sawamura is declared as the MVP of the match.

My sister must be happy as she's a Giant's fan.


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  1. Okay, so I recently found your website (thank you reddit) and I read all of your stories in a day. I never read any cryptic stories before, but damn they're good!
    So, I'm very bad with cryptic stories, but this seems to be a little bit clear to me (?)

    If he locked all the doors, how did the sister get into the house? If I were him, I would ran the hell outta there hahaha

    Anyways, I'll keep reading your stories, and thanks for your amazing work, Shishou-kun *^*

    1. I'm not sure about this one. If the sister lives there, why wouldn't she have a key? All I can figure out is that it's probably not her, but I only got that because it's a horror story so of course it's not her.

    2. @Miku Mizuki
      Welcome to the site. :)
      Yes, it's not the sister but I think it needs a bit more explanation.

      At the end, the narrator says that the sister is a Giant's fan, but when sawamura of giant's was doing good pitching, the person in the above room started shouting. Also, the person was happy when Itoi of Oryx batted good. This means that the person above is not narrator's sister but someone who is Oryx fan.

  2. Welcome aboard Mizuki-dono. Yes, the explanation for the cryptic was exactly as you've said. But I'll mess it up a bit.
    There were NO parents NOR sister. They (the author's family) has already died, what the author meant by attend a funeral and visit a friend it meant that as a corpses for the parents and as someone who was gonna commit a suicide because the sister only moral support has died and she's about to "visit" her friend, which in this case might be her lover who has died too long ago. Why the sister decided to commit suicide despite she still has one last family member? It's because the author suffers Schizophrenia after the parents died, the extremely sad sister can't take it anymore, and decided to "visit" her friend. Naturally, all the "his sister was laughing above" is one of his delusion.

    1. Interesting theory but there's literally nothing to suggest any of that. I hate it when the solution is something weird like that and they don't drop any clues.

    2. Omg, you guys sure know how to complicate things xD
      Your theories always look very interesting, I have to say, Hemu-sama, you should write some cryptic stories too xD

    3. Scotch, all the plot twists I wrote were all just a joke and not exactly real theory.
      Mizuki-dono, unfortunately I am not good at writing besides spontaneous stuff I thought up on the spot. When I have planned to do some writing, the result was something like "only the smart able to see the words", basically it left blank.

    4. Guys,I've explained the answer in one of my comments above. :)

      Keep the plot twists coming, I love reading them.

  3. Hello, I'm new here! Thanks for posting all these stories, its amazing :)

    This cryptic story gave me jitters. In the first place, it appears to the author that someone was upstairs (entering the room above me). Yet while the television was playing downstairs, the person could react to the scenes (Oryx hits the ball perfectly: I hear a laugh coming from above). My guess is that the person was in the same room as the author watching television and the footsteps the author heard was perhaps the figure walking in reverse on the ceiling? If only he had looked upwards...

    Hope it would provide another insight! :)

    1. Hey there, welcome to the site.

      "Figure walking on ceiling" what the....!!!
      That's creepy. Seriously, that introduces a whole new creep-factor to the story.

      Thanks for adding creepiness to the story.


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