Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Canned-Beer

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


A guy went to a convenience store late at night.

"This would do for today." He picked up a canned-beer.

As he was about to leave the store, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, wait...!"

He heard a creepy voice from behind.


The guy shrugged-off the hand that grabbed him and ran quickly towards his house.

When he reached home, he calmed down and opened up the can's lid.

Everything went dark.


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  1. Maybe, he hasn't paid for the beer? I mean, maybe he steal the beer, that is why the store clerk are stopping him from leaving.

    When he open the lid of the beer, could it be the beer spritzing and got to his eye (he ran quickly to his house, it means the can are shaked hard along the way)? That could explain the "everything went dark" part.

    Still don't understand the meaning of creepy voice behind him (?) Store clerk got shot?

    1. I don't think so, I think he was being overly paranoid and grabbed something (which wasn't actually beer). The store clerk/owner of the item/someone who witnessed this wanted to tell him that wasn't a drink (maybe a bomb or something else..?), but he was being paranoid so he ran off before they could.

    2. You are correct. The creepy voice was of the shop's owner.

    That creepy voice came from behind, the author who ran away without checking who that was...oooooohh creepy right?
    Truth is that was the author's landlord, the author haven't pay the rent because he got no money, because he got no money, he haven't pay the electricity's bill too, thus a black out. people who were in financial problem tend to spent their money towards beer and the like, and the voice of the debt collector would be scarier than the alarm for air raid.

    1. If he was having money trouble, he's probably shop lifting which is why he ran

    2. "the voice of the debt collector would be scarier than the alarm for air raid."
      That cracked my up XD

  3. He was running with the can of beer in his hands so during the whole way the beer must have been shook quite a lot.
    By the time he opened it the beer exploded to his face hence why everything went dark.


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