Saturday, January 28, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Misfortunate John

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


John, who had been through a tragedy, went to the Orphanage's Sensei* and asked.

John: "Sensei, why don't I have Mom or Dad?"

Sensei: "Well, about your Mom and Dad....When you were little, they were murdered by a Black man during a robbery."

John: "Why can't I walk? Why can't I see?"

Sensei: "Because that robber did bad things to you."

John developed hatred for that Black man.

He started hating all the Black people in this world.

He knew it was not possible, but he wanted to search the robber and kill him.

One day ,the Sensei said to John.

Sensei: "Be happy, John. We are going to get your eyes and legs cured."

John went through surgery that cured both his legs and eyes.

The next day after he had received surgery, he used his new legs to jump in front of a train.
* Sensei: Sensei is an honorific used to address Teachers, Doctors, etc. Here I didn't translate it as I wanted to keep the meaning vague. 

I know this story is stereotyping black people, but I've translated the story as it is, so I apologize if  anyone finds it offensive.

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  1. His eyes and legs came from his black Sensei? Or he found out he was black when he regained his eyesight?

    1. I think both may be the right hypotesis, but I smell something fishy here.. I think there's more than this. Maynmbe the Sensei was the murderer and he realized it only when he gained his eyesight.. Though I don't think that's the case, as he was little when the accident occurred, he couldn't have remembered. Something is for sure: he stated he wanted to kill the robber, and then he committed suicide after gaining his sight, which means either he found out he/his donor/his Sensei was black, or he found out he had somehow killed his parents (?). Probably it makes no sense, but I tried haha

    2. Yeah I thought I incorporated something about the Sensei being the murderer in my original answer but apparently not hahaha. What I meant is he realised the Sensei was the killer because he donated his legs to him and they were black (but what a convoluted theory this is haha).

    3. Both of you have nice theories. I believe he suicided because he got the legs from some black man. After the surgery he might have looked into the mirror and realized it. The sensei being black could also be true. Maybe the sensei was the burglar and he repented after committing the crime by taking care of John. But when John regained his eyesight he realized that the sensei is the one who killed his parents.

  2. That seems like an oddly specific yet vague thing for the Sensei to say.

    1. It could be that sensei is the one who killed the parents.

  3. I believe John killed himself because he himself is black.

    1. But why does sensei know that a black man killed John's parents. I believe sensei himself is the guy who killed John's parents.

    2. The news could have reported that fact. I couldn't find anything in the story that makes it impossible.

    3. Well, yes, that could be possible.

  4. This one is a sad cryptic story. And not that Japanese haha :D

  5. many lives did you have!? I thought you were dead in the last story!!?

  6. The train was full of black people and upon recovering his eyesight he discovered he was Godzilla.


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