Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ghost Hunt: Akumu No Sumu Ie Novel (Vol 1+2) PDF

Hi everyone, Shishou here.

I've compiled the English translation of Akumu No Sumu Ie Novel (by touchturnfly) into PDF format for offline reading. Please download the PDF using the links (google drive) below.

Download Akumu No Sumu Ie Volume 1

Download Akumu No Sumu Ie Volume 2

The translations were done by touchturnfly on spr.dreamwidth.org
I created a python script that scraped the Novel from spr.dreamwidth.org and converted it into PDF.

Download ePub version here : https://archive.org/details/AkumuNoSumuIeVol.1OnoFuyumi

Info on Akumu No Sumu Ie:  
Akumu no Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt is based on a sequel novel of the 
original Ghost Hunt novel, set several months in the future. Both Akumu No Sumu Ie and Ghost Hunt
also have their respective manga versions.

English Title:  The House of Nightmares - Ghost Hunt

So, as you guys know I'm a huge fan of horror stories, and because of that I've watched a lot of
horror anime and read a plenty of horror manga/ light novels. Out of all the horror manga, the 
Ghost Hunt series easily takes the top spot for its detailed and creepy plot. Ibitsu, Hideout, Hanako 
to guuwa no tera,youtsuya senpai no kaidan are also good horror manga.

Coming back to Ghost hunt, I've been wanting to read its sequel(manga version) for a long time but 
due to lack of translators, the manga took a long time to get translated--last chapter got released on 
24 Dec 16--so in the mean time I found spr.dreamwidth.org, which had the novel version of Akumu 
No Sumu Ie, and I found the novel version to be richer than the manga version. 
So a few days ago, when I was learning web scarping in python, I thought why not make a script 
that will help me read the Akumu No Sumu Ie novel offine. That's how I decided to convert the novel
into PDF.

Hope you guys will enjoy it.

If you have any queries regarding the novel then please comment it down below.


  1. I will check all of those names/titles you said on your post. Then read the PDFs. I don't know what Ghost Hunt is afterall. Before reading this post of yours, I was reliving my memories by reading all of the creepy stories I've read so far. It scared me to the point I was scared of a cat creeped out behind me despite I don't have any cat.

  2. You were re-reading the stories? That's great to hear. I've been searching for a few more cryptic stories to translate but whenever I finish reading them I find that the "cryptic" part of them wouldn't translate well into English.

    That's not a cat; it's a shape-shifting demon!!


    thank you for compiling and sharing this~ downloading the files ASAP

    1. Yeah, I'm a big fan of ghost hunt series as it's a well written horror series. It's sad that the author has not written a new book in the ghost hunt series; therefore, we might never see narumai happening :(


  4. does the novel cover only one story? the house of nightmares?

    1. Yes, the Novel is the sequel to Ghost Hunt, but unlike Ghost Hunt, this novel doesn't have multiple cases. The whole story is based around a house, hence the name House of Nightmares.

  5. soerry I made EPUB here



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