Friday, January 3, 2020

Japanese Ghost Story : The Girl On The Swing

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Ghost Story


This incident dates back to the time when I was still studying in a middle school. During those days, my friend-circle consisted of 2 people, whom I will call A-kun and B-kun in this story.

I was friends with A-kun and B-kun since the time when we were in elementary school. Moreover, our homes were very close to each other's and this allowed us to meet every day after school.

Near to our houses was a hill that we would visit frequently. In other words, it was our meeting ground where we would hold our frivolous conversations till late night. The best thing about this was that we had permissions from our parents so staying on the hill till mid-night was not a problem for us.

It was like any other night when I was chattering with my friend A-kun on the top of the hill. Our other friend, B-kun, hadn't come yet. Even after a few hours, he was nowhere in sight. So, I said to A-kun, "Hey! B-kun is not here yet. Shall we go to his house and see what's the matter?" And so we both descended the hill and walked in direction of B-kun's house.

There was a playground of sorts that wee needed to cross before reaching B-kun's house. So, as we were crossing the playground, I caught something in my peripheral vision. On the swing, a little girl wearing all white was swinging back and forth. It was almost midnight and I was sure terrified by the presence of that girl. I turned to A-kun and spoke, "Did you just see that???" A-kun turned towards the swing to see why I was so scared.
"WHAAAAAA..." A-kun shrieked. We both immediately turned back and ran towards the hill.

When we arrived on the hill, we sat down to control the shivering of our bodies. We tried to rack our brains to give a logical justification to what we saw in the playground.

A few minutes must have passed when we saw B-kun approaching us from the dark.
"Hey, B-kun! Didn't you just come from the direction of the playground? Did you see a little girl on the swing?"
"No, I saw nothing like that"
"We definitely saw her, right, A-kun?"

To remove our all doubts, all three of us went back to the park. There on the swing, we saw her. The girl was still there. Immediately, we ran back to the hill.

"So, we were right. B-kun, did you see her this time?"
"Yes. I believe you. She was smiling."
"I didn't look at her face. I was damn terrified."
"Same goes for me. I, too, didn't have the courage to look at her face"

The very next day, B-kun lost his life when he was run over by a truck. Could it not be possible that the girl was a shinigami and her smile was more of a gateway to death. In our group, only B-kun saw her smile and was thus taken to the afterlife by her.
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