Monday, March 28, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Train

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


I always use train on working days.
Today too, a woman appeared in front of me while I was on the train.
Oh no! Not again. It depresses me.

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  1. Could it be a ghost or something?
    By 'in front of me' it means the narrator see the women outside the train through the window or..
    Its only reflection?

    1. I have read about this story somewhere, and pretty sure the answer was : the narrator is a train conductor and the woman appeared was a ghost of a jumping- suicide woman. Like a repetition of the very scene.

      But at first, I thought the narrator was just a passanger on the train and the woman appeared in the reflection of the window. Both are pretty scary for me ^^

    2. Maybe it's not a ghost but another suicide. This is why it depresses the train conductor.


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