Friday, April 1, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: April fool


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Cryptic Story

Today is April 1st. Nothing significant happened other than the phone call from my friend.

The phone call went on like this.

Friend: "Yo! Long time no see."

Me: " Yeah. How you doing?"

After that this talk took place.

Friend: "Ah, I remembered. You know what day is today?"

Me: " Hmm... April fool?"

Friend: "Yup. Correct. But this is not related to April fool. *giggles*
Tomorrow, I'm going to kill you!"

Me: "Huh? Dark jokes aren't funny, even if it's April fool."

Friend: "Haha, I'm sorry. I was just lying."

Me: "Hey, hey..."

And after talking for a while we hung up.

Today is April 2nd.

I wonder why he said those words.

I remember he said "I'm just lying". Maybe he meant something else.
Here we have a creepy April Fool cryptic story. Enjoy!

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  1. Friend:
    "But this is not related to April fool." ==> 1st lie, actually this was related to April fool.

    "Tomorrow, I'm going to kill you!" ==> 2nd lie, actually the friend was not going to kill the narrator

    "Haha, I'm sorry. I was just lying." ==> 3rd lie, actually the friend was not sorry and he was not just lying. He was actually serious and did want to kill the narrator on April, 2nd.

    Am I get it right? ^^

    1. Yeah, you're correct. The friend is a creepy person for sure. He wants to kill the narrator.


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