Saturday, April 9, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Empty house


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

Today, I made 2 big mistakes.

First, I forgot to lock the front door of my house. I realized it only after reaching the office. Well, I was already running late for office, so I might have missed it in hastiness. It's not much of a concern as my house has only a single room and even the bathroom is without a bathtub. There isn't anything worth stealing.

The second mistake was a serious one though. I forgot my cellphone at home. I think I left it when I was in the toilet typing some mails on it. Being a salesman, I cannot do my job properly without my cellphone.  Worst of all, I got severely yelled at by my boss.

I seriously hope I don't experience such a horrible day again.

But there's more to it. When I reached my house, I encountered something worse. I unlocked and opened up the front door, went inside, and found the whole room in a mess.

It looked like somebody broke into my house while I was at work. The window was not open, so it seems that the thief entered through the front door.

But god did show me some mercy as nothing was stolen. The only bad thing is that I'll have to tidy up the room. LOL

Now, I remember. I've got to find my phone. If I forget it again tomorrow, I might fired by the boss. LOL.
You people too, remember to lock your houses before going anywhere.

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  1. okaaaaaay....he "unlocked" the door when he came back home... when it's supposedly not locked to begin with.
    the room was in a mess, but nothing stolen.
    it means the culprit was still inside, but when he was about to run away stealing stuffs, the author came home, so the culprit had no chance of running away, thus nothing had been stolen just yet.
    or, the culprit is still inside, and the culprit's aim was to kill the author while the author tidy up the mess.
    But I wonder.......why would the culprit locked the door????

    1. Also, there is only one room, so the culprit might be hiding inside the toilet.
      Maybe the culprit locked it by mistake. Or maybe he locked it to buy some more time. But in the end he couldn't escape and hid in the toilet.

    2. I agree that the culprit lock the door to buy time. But it means the culprit had to duplicate the key right? Because if there was a slot on the door, the author could not get inside. That means the culprit lock the door using a key, not a slot.

    3. Maybe the narrator leaves a spare key at home, and the culprit used that. But if it were a duplicate key, I wonder how he got it.


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