Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Incompetent Police

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Cryptic Story


What the hell are cops doing nowadays?

They feed on our taxes but don't do the job they get paid for. They are nothing but parasites.

Last week, a murder incident happened near my workplace.

I heard that someone murdered a woman by stabbing her with ice pick.

The incident was the hot topic all over the town.

It was all over in the headlines in various media as it was such a rare incident in a small town.
It's understandable but I think they were just adding fuel to the fire.

My grandmother was quite worried by it that she spent a lot of hours in front of the altar, praying to Buddha.

Despite this, the cops were unable to ascertain the identity of the lethal weapon used in the murder.
I can't believe our cops are this incompetent.

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  1. Maybe the murderer is the grandma

    Anyway thanks for your translate I enjoy read those stories

    1. Thanks for visiting the website!
      Nah, the murderer isn't grandma.
      Remember, the narrator says the weapon is ice pick but then he says that police is unable to ascertain the identity of the weapon. Don't you find something fishy in his statements?

    2. Hello dear thanks for your reply, could the murderer be the narrator ?? Because hes the only who know the identity of the weapon And the grandma know thats her son and pray for living ??

    3. Now you cracked it! The narrator is the murderer.

  2. yup the author is the culprit!

  3. The cops didn't know what weapon was used, but the author did.


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