Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Japanese Horror: The phone call

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Creepy Person



There was a high school freshman girl who used to live in a pretty rural area. Her parents bought her a cellphone as a birthday present for her.

She was overjoyed by it. But the problem was that cellphones were not widespread during those days, so she couldn't use it to call her neighboring friends.

However, one day, she received a text message on her cellphone.
It read.
"I want a penpal, so I entered random number and sent it. If it's okay with you, would you like to be my penpal?"

That sudden message delighted her and she soon sent an affirmative reply.

From that day on, she started messaging that person on a daily basis. She learned a few things about that person.

That person was a guy and a sophomore at high school. She grew more attracted to him when she found that he was nearly the same age as her.

However, that guy mostly talked about TV shows or school. Never once did he talk about the place where he lived. Whenever asked, he refused to talk about that.

One day, the girl made up her mind and sent this message to the guy.
"I want to hear your voice. I want to talk about various things directly."

The guy replied after a while.
"I, too, want to talk with you. I'll call you tonight at 8."

The girl got very happy. She thought about various things that she wanted to talk to the guy. Soon it became 8:00 PM.

A few minutes later, her phone rang. It was the call from the guy.
The girl, thinking she might want to listen to the conversation again, decided to put the call on recording mode.

She was too happy to talk to him that she didn't realize the clock had struck 9:30.

"Ah! Look at the time. It's already late. Let's talk again next time," the girl said. Then she ended the call.

She thought back about the phone call she had just now. But oddly enough, she couldn't remember about it clearly.

She could only remember being very happy.

In the midst of that, sleep fell upon her. Call it tiredness from her first phone call.

It was already beyond 10, so she decided to cal it a night.



She opened her eyes to her mom shouting at her.

At that instant, she found that she was on the verge of falling from her window on the 2nd floor.
The clock was pointing at 2.

Her mom had heard abrupt sounds from her room, so she had come to check on her.

The girl didn't understand why she was in such  a situation.

Out of blue, she though of her conversation with the guy. She replayed the recorded phone call and heard only this.

"You will die by jumping out of the window at 2. You will die by jumping out of the window at 2. You will die by jumping out of the window at 2. You will die by jumping out of the window at 2. You will die by jumping out of the window at 2. You will die by jumping out of the window at 2. You will die by jumping out of the window at 2."
I don't know what to say. Do people really do this? You just don't become friends with any random person who messages you. On the top of that he's was doing this creepy hypnosis thing.

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  1. okay...this is why I never want to hear the voice of someone I never knew his/her face through a phone call. can I subscribe to this wonderful site?????? because honestly, it might be my first time wanting to subscribe something besides stuff from youtube

    1. Haha. You never know who might be calling you.
      Thanks for considering about subscribing. You can do that by entering your email in the right sidebar that reads "Follow by Email".
      You'll get email notification every time I post a new story. :)

    2. I...don't see "follow by email" from my chrome or UC browser...*I am using Android btw*, gonna check it more thoroughly

    3. I didn't know you were using android. The layout of the android version of this website is quite different. In that case, you need to view the web version of this website. You can do that by clicking on "view web version" at the bottom of the page. That'll load the PC version of the website on your android. Now, you'll be able to see that sidebar.

      Or another option is that you can mail me on my email address (given on contact page) and I'll put that address in the subscribers list.

    4. If people could be hypnotized through voices from a cellphone a lot of people would be scammed out of their money already.

  2. Holy shit this is scary. Would love to see it turn into a short-film.

    1. That would be great. A movie would be able to show the characters' expression perfectly.

  3. Hello Shishou, Clayton here.

    To answer your question of "do people really do this?" the answer is yes, for the time period anyways. In the 90's there wasn't voice chat in video games, there wasn't skype or facetime, there was dial-up internet and common place video/audio chat was still a decade or so away.

    This same principle applied to cell phones as well. At the time most people didn't have cell phones. Most cell phones were corporation owned and issued to people for work. If your family had a personal cell phone it was almost always just the parent's phone. People wealthy enough to have cell phones and services for their teenagers were even more uncommon. So, usually, a teen with a cell phone MAYBE had 1/4 of their social circle to contact via text. So it wasn't very uncommon for random people to reach out to randoms via text. Even AIM and ICQ had "find a random user" functions.

    So you find your random person online or through text and you start chatting. You end-up chatting with them daily, and as weeks or months pass, one, or both, of you would get the urge to hear the other on the phone. Talking to them was a far more intimate and natural means of communication and it brought you closer to your long distance friend.

    Also keep in mind, in the 90's, things like cell networks and internet were far more anonymous. There wasn't a horde of social networking sites pressing you to post your true identity online ala Facebook. There was also a naivety about it because these things were shiny and new. It was a different time with differing social rules.

    Anyways, I check your site about once a week still. When I finally pull myself out of the mess I am currently in I will send you more re-writes and edits to consider.

    1. Hi there Clayton. Your comment somehow ended up in the spam section, so I didn't notice it until now. So sorry for the delay.

      Wow, you're explanation is very good. Initially when I was translating the story I thought how unrealistic the story was, and people don't actually become friends with strangers like this. After reading your comment, I somewhat feel that the mentioned situation isn't completely unrealistic.

      Thanks for taking your time to write a detailed explanation.
      I wanted to contact you for getting your thoughts on some stories , but thought you might be busy with some stuff. So, ultimately, I ended up not contacting you.

      Good luck mate. You can shoot me a mail anytime you want.

  4. Whoops. I was hoping it wwould ended sweetly though. Maybe it would if this story turned to a shoujo manga! XD

    1. Haha. Things just don't end sweetly in creepypastas. XD


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