Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Overspeeding car

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


A young policeman  stopped a over-speeding car.
"Show your license."
"I don't have it. It got revoked half a year back."
"What? This car, is it yours?"
"Not, I stole it."
"What? Doesn't this car have something like vehicle inspection certificate?"
"Ah! I remembered. I saw it a while ago when I put the gun in the box."
"What? You have a gun with you now?"
"Yes. I used it to kill the owner of this vehicle."
"What? You committed a murderer?"
"I put the body properly in the trunk of this car."

The policeman shouted in a loud voice, so the senior officer came to see what was going on.
 He heard the details from the young policeman, and then sent him to other place for an easier job.
The officer now decided to question the guy in the car.

"Show your license."
 "Here it is."
The guy showed him the license. It was his own.
"Whose car is this?"
"My own. See this vehicle inspection certificate."
He handed over the certificate. It was really his.
"You have a gun in the box?"
"No way! You can see yourself."
There was nothing inside it.
"What about the dead body in the trunk?"
"There's no body. See for yourself."
Really, the trunk was empty.
"...Strange! The young policeman told me that you don't have license, you stole the car, killed the owner, possess a gun, and even have a corpse in the trunk. I don't understand."
"He's just a big liar. Maybe he even lied about me over-speeding. Don't you think too?"

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  1. Ah is it not a scary ones? Because from what I read, the driver purposely told lies to the young policeman in order to make the senior officer believe all the facts and also free from overspeeding punishment ^^

    1. Yes, it's not that scary, but I found it was a decent story.
      You're correct. The driver is an intelligent guy who framed the young policeman by telling him all the lies.

    2. Yeah the man is very creative! :D

  2. High risk, high return. The young policeman could've still been experienced enough to arrest the car driver - age doesn't define everything.

    1. By young it means that the policeman was a young guy who had joined the force recently. So, that's why he is not experienced.

    2. Ah, okay. When I read this the first time and wanted to figure the cryptic puzzle out without resorting to the comments, I tried reading the dialogue backwards to see if that would give any new meaning - no luck there, of course.


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