Friday, March 11, 2016

Japanese Horror: The video tape

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Creepy Person

Video tape
Source: Kowabon
There was a university student who used to live all alone.
He lived in a pretty normal apartment, but strange things used to happen once in a while.

One day, he returned from the university and noticed that the position of the trash-can and curtains had changed.

Recently, he was also getting the feeling of being followed. He was creeped out by this and consulted his friend.

"Maybe, it's a stalker? It'd be best to talk with the police about it...but they won't take any action as no damage has been done.", he said to his friend.

"...Then, why don't you hide a video camera in your room and record everything while you're away at university. That would be best. If we are able to record the stalker entering in your house, then we can show that video to the police. The police would also take action as it would be a case of trespassing.", the friend replied.

"That's a very concrete strategy to corner the stalker. Friends are what you need. A good plan.", the guy thought.

The next day, the guy installed a video camera in his room, turned it on, and went to the university.

He returned to the room in evening.

"I wonder if the stalker is really caught on this camera...", he thought while stopping the recording.

He played the recording back from beginning.

There was nothing unusual on the video for a long time.
Source: Kowabon

Bu...during the evening time, he saw a woman with a knife entering that room.

He was creeped out.

"!!!!!!!!!!", he called his friend while shivering.

"This is bad!!! It's on the video!!!...I saw the stalker on the video!!!...", he said to his friend.

He started narrating the video to his friend.

"She's looking in the trash can..."  "....She's sniffing my clothes... Bitch is crazy!" "She might have come into my house a lot of times."
"With this, I'll be able to convince the cops."

The woman entered into the closet.

"Wh.....She entered into the closet...Moreover, she won't come out...", he narrated to his friend.

Now, he saw another person entering that room. It was himself.

He saw himself coming closer to the camera and stopping the recording.

And then the video ended.


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  1. Ehh this story is almost identical with the story whose the narrator's girlfriend is a stalker and when he done installing the new lock for 30 minutes, turns out the girlfriend is already inside.

    Sorry I forgot the title of the story :(

    1. That's creepy. Haven't read that story but sounds creepy.
      You have the link?


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