Saturday, March 19, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Ropes

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

I went on camping trip with my friend.
We wandered around here and there and came across a long rope bridge.
There was a river under it. The bridge was so high that people won't be able save us if we fell.
I was quite thrilled while crossing it. Suddenly, a board came off and I fell through the hole!
Fortunately, I caught the net of that bridge that prevented me from falling to my death.
I shouted for help to my friend. He wasted no time and rescued me.
He said, "Are you okay? I really want the authorities to repair these ropes of the bridge."

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  1. I don't get it @_@ I am very bad with cryptic stories, though it's fun and I love it

    1. Thanks!
      You'll understand if you read the 4th line and the last line. The MC fell due to the loose board. Then why his friend said he wanted the ropes to be repaired?
      Did you get it?

  2. Hello! I have just finished my exam week so I just happen to visit here again ^^ Did the friend already know from the beginning the rope is loose? Or better, the friend is the one who "cut" the rope, because he did not come to cross the bridge together , but instead waiting to be called?

    1. Yo, nice to see you again. Yes, I think the friend had loosened the ropes beforehand that's why he didn't cross the bridge with narrator. But the friend's plan didn't work as the narrator fell due to loose board. This forced him to save the narrator.
      Btw, good luck with the exam results.

    2. Thanks ^^ but again I'm wondering, since he had loosened the ropes, when there are two person on the bridge, shouldn't the ropes start to loosened much more and the bridge collapsed? That way both of them might have died together.

    3. Hmm...Now, I think about it.
      Maybe, the bridge wasn't much loose to begin with. The friend tried loosening it but even then it didn't collapse. So, that's why he saved the friend instead.

  3. I'm re-reading the stories here so let me put in my guess: the friend was hoping he would die "by accident" due to the weak ropes on the bridge, but the net didn't break when he grabbed it.

    If he ignored his friend and 1) he fell down anyway and died, he would feel too guilty as he would have to watch him slowly drop down instead of being able to say "I couldn't save him, he fell too fast due to the weak bridge"

    2) if he managed to save himself, his friend would have a hard time explaining why he didn't help him

    He can't let him suspect him because of either guilt or in case of revenge, so he has to wait for another chance to have his friend die by accident. (Hence the comment about wishing something had been done about the ropes.)

    Hope this makes sense because I think the way I typed it might have been confusing lol

    1. Thanks for the interpretation.
      It does add a completely new dimension to the story and makes the story more explainable as to why the friend saved the narrator.

      According to the points you made, it was a win-win situation for the friend.


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