Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Spirit Photography

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

Spirit photography image
Source: Fatal Frame
I was chitchatting with two of my friends, when someone suggested that why don't we try taking spirit photographs after such a long time. A massacre incident had happened at a private house on the mountain road, so we went to, now deserted, house at midnight.

We looked at every place in the house: entrance, living room, bathroom, restroom, kitchen and study-room.
We climbed up the stairs to explore the second floor. We went inside both the bedroom and the child's room. After that we descended back to the floor one, and explored the back of the house, one by one.

We took the photographs of everything that we could find in that house.

Today, we received the developed photographs.

Nothing on the photograph. We were amazed.

Of course, we were visible in the photographs, but there was no ghosts or something in those photos.

"... Hmm, that's strange."

"...I think they all went to heaven/hell. "

"That might be the case. We weren't able to photograph any spirits even after going there. What a waste."

"Not completely. I saw a solitary house on the way. Why don't we try going there next time? "

"Huh? Seriously? Is that house also deserted?"

"No,it's not. It's a normal house with people living in it. Let's go there tonight."

"Okeey! Understood. We need to be fully prepared this time."

I'm looking forward to it. It's been a long while since I got this excited.


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  1. They got the wrong house, aren't they? It was said that the massacre happened at a private house. They are going to investigate at the "solitary" house which means "private", am I right?

    By the way I miss playing Fatal Frame series since it move to Wii :(

    1. Actually, they are the murderers. That's why they will be going to the house with a family in it. They slaughter the family and go there a few days later to do spirit photography. *Creepy*

      You can always play FF on PC with dolphin emulator. Even I used it to play FFIV

    2. Eehh I re-read it and notice there is several hints:
      1. They know exactly the room section (kitchen, etc) even though the house is now deserted and maybe there are lots of misplaced things. But again, this maybe a coincidence.

      2. "What a waste" -> "Not completely" -> normal house visiting -> fully prepared -> excited. Excited for what? For murders of course not for taking the photograph hahaha. The narrator said it's been a long while since he got that excited. This conviced us that he was not very amused by taking photo but the murder itself because taking photo was done like, just a while not a long time ago.

      Thank you for the stories :) I got very excited also.


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