Thursday, March 24, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: I'm very sorry


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

Friend: "I'm very sorry."

Me: "Hey, I told you to stop it."

Friend: "My sister...she's hospitalized...I need money."

Me: "Are you okay? Hold yourself together."

Friend: "...Thanks..."

Me: "I...I could lend you one hundred thousand Yen if you like."

Friend: "Thank you very much. should I say it..."

Me: "Don't worry. I have some dinner still left. Come on, have a meal."

Friend: "Thank you."

Me: "What are you saying. We are close friends, aren't we?"

Friend: "I was thinking of suicide...If you weren't there for me, I would have already..."

Me: "Hey, don't even think about it."

Friend: "Sorry for disturbing you at such a late hour."

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  1. Couldn't get it at first so I tried reading it backwards, I'm guessing the sister is hospitalized due to something the brother did?

    1. You're correct on reading it backwards. Nah, when we read it backwards it looks like the friend is asking for even more money.

  2. I was also reading backward, but it seems like the narrator knows that the friend uses his money for bad thing (gambling, or else) and the friend always lying to borrow money from the narrator. That's why, when we read the story backward, the narrator did not sympathize with the friend's sister, but told him to stop (lying, maybe).

    1. This story is more impactful if we read the original version. But yeah, the basic premise is the same. The friend asks for more money and gets rebuked by the narrator.
      Yes, maybe, the friend is using the money for bad things that's why the narrator refused to lend him more money.


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