Friday, May 19, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Drifting Ship

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

The ship got some problem in the engine and started drifting in the vast sea.

The captain took the blame on himself and tried to jump in the water to end his life. Before he could jump, the sailors caught him and tried their best to prevent the captain from committing suicide.

The captain, deeply moved by the crew's action, began weeping profusely.

Several months later, the ship was discovered.
All the sailors were rescued; however, the captain could not be found anywhere.

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  1. They ate the captain to sustain themselves?

    1. Cosign.. Why couldn't they catch fish instead though?

  2. logically, 1 Captain can't feed the whole crews for several months. "crews" was mentioned, but there wasn't a "passanger", so I will be assuming that this ship is either a ship which has something to do with either oil or fish. if it's oil ship, I assume they will have enough rations for a week ~ a month, but even with this, it's​ invalid, because "all the crews survived except the captain". if it's a ship that's for taking fishes (forgot what's​ its called), there's​ a possibility but let's examine the small ship first. small ship (boat) usually has 5 ~ 11 crews, they have emergency rations for about 3~5 days, but they have all the necessary thing to catch fishes, which could make them survive even if they eat it raw, but there's not enough water to drink because gas or electricity to be used to boil the water won't last 3 months. for big ships, the crews are around 15 ~ 45, in this case, there's no reason for the captain to be eaten, there's lots of fish to eat, there's water purifier for drinking the water, enough gas and other things to be burned. assuming that this story happened before modern era, it's even more unlikely for all the crews to survive for 3 months. human could bear hunger for a month at most, they won't have enough energy to kill and eat the captain. human only did savage thing when their survivability hits rock bottom and their dead is just around the corner. in 10 days, the crews might have the strength to kill and eat the captain, but the captain's probably just around 58kg~90kg including bones and blood, ¼ kg for each crew/day , and put the rest on the frozen room assuming that it's a big ship, and the crew only ate when they trully hungry. so... assuming there's 12 people outside the captain ¼*12 = 3 kg captain's meat/day. to eat again in every another 10 days, that's 9kg/month. 3 months will be 27kg. so as long as the author don't input greed factor and many other factor, the possibility of the captain being eaten and could make all the crews lasted for 3 months at the very least, is 3% at the highest (estimated numbers). PS: i have experience of not taking any food, just drank mineral water, for 4 days and that already left me without strength.

  3. whew, sorry. all of those sentences are nonsense except the last sentence. somehow I had the mood to say those lol


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