Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Heart

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

People say that majority of humans are cold-hearted, but actually it's not true.

People have warm hearts. I learned this in elementary school when I touched my Dad's heart.

The sensation that you feel while touching people's hearts is amazing.

It seems a lot of people have not touched a heart even once.

Even at this moment, I can confirm...that hearts are warm.


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  1. Yay a new post! Pretty clear cut, he touched their actual hearts, not their chests, so he probably killed them. And yes hearts will definitely be warm before the blood runs cold... Heh

  2. He touched his father actual heart.

  3. yes, and the author is someone with PTSD. because the author saw his/her da got killed by his/her mom. her mom killed his/her dad because the father was cold-hearted​ who didn't care about the family at all, at least that's what the mom always told the author. so when the mom stabbed the dad's heart (maybe over and over until there was a gaping hole big enough on the dad's chest), the author who was still an elementary school student, "touched" the father's heart to prove that it's not cold

    1. I always wait eagerly for your replies as I know you put mind-blowing twists even in the simplest of stories. XD

      Let me put a plot twist of my own this time. The narrator is simply a ghoul.

      [image height="105px" width="75px" src=""/]

    2. Shishou, how did you attach a picture to your comment? I saw HTML code rendered in my mobile, did you code it in manually? I see no option to attach pictures to comments in my web browser.


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