Friday, June 9, 2017

Admin Post: Should I integrate Disqus comments?

Hi everyone, Shishou here. So, for the past few months I've been thinking if I should scrap the blogger comment system in favor of the Disqus comment system. I feel that the current blogger comment system is a little restricting as it doesn't provide any direct way to embed images, gifs, videos etc into out comments. Also, the Disqus system will allow more interaction among us because of its neat features.

Similar to blogger's anon comment feature, it has guest comment system, so no worries.
The downside is that some of you, who like to have their profile picture in comment, will need to make a Disqus profile.

So, what do you guys say? If you guys are okay with the new system, then I'll implement it.


  1. I've been posting as an Anon for some time because I don't have a blogger account and I couldn't be bothered to make one. I would gladly welcome a change to Disqus since I have a Disqus account.

  2. to be honest, I don't really mind either way. i already have Disqus account afterall. choose what's best!

  3. Hello Shisou- san! It's already more than a year since I read this blog and spread it to my friends as well. Looking forward for the years ahead!

    And by the way I also have a disqus account so I am okay with both option :)

    Have a nice week Shisou- san, and hemu hemu-san (as a fellow veteran reader I know hohoho, the rest are anons-- sorry guys I don't know which Anon is Anon, but hohoho let's be friends in fear too) and yeah the Anons too, have a nice frightful days!

  4. I have a Disqus account, this change would be most welcome!


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