Monday, May 23, 2016

Japanese Horror: Drawers


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Short Story

One day, A-kun was passing by a recycle shop when he came across a desk with a lot of large-sized drawers. The desk garnered his attention as it looked high-class despite being quite cheap.

He inquired about the price to the shopkeeper. According to him, he had purchased it from the parents of a deceased person, hence the cheap price. Moreover, there is one drawer that is locked shut and can't be opened by any means.

A-kun ended up buying it considering it a value for money.

When he was moving it within his room, he noticed a faint sound coming from the locked drawer; but he didn't pay it much attention.

A few months later, A-kun was found dead on his bed---headless. He was lying on his bed on the futon, in a completely normal sleeping position, except for the fact he was missing his head.

A-kun's parents sold his belongings, including the desk, to a recycle shop. The recycle shop happened to be the same that had sold the desk to A-kun.

But this time there was one difference...

In addition to the locked drawer, one more drawer had been locked shut. The shopkeeper felt that the desk had become a little heavy too. He lamented that nobody would be willing to buy this desk now.


I'm very happy that I have some friends now.
I've lived in this dark, narrow, and solitary place for a long time; but now, I've made 2 friends. I'll continue bringing more friends until I've filled all of the drawers.


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  1. So scary! :O and quite surprising, the narrator being a ghost. Used things and antiques seem scarier after reading this story. I wonder what if the drawers are all filled? And for some reason the recycle shopkeeper is making money out of people head haha. Why he has no curiousness to open the drawer? It could contain abundant money or treasured belongings.

    1. That was a nice twist at the ending. Yes, we should be beware of antiques as they could be cursed and might have a ghost dwelling inside them. Once I read on some website(real story)about a cursed pendant that the poster bought from Thailand/Indonesia(don't remember); the poster suffered a lot of bad luck because of it.

      All drawers filled? That's an interesting idea. Maybe the shopkeeper is responsible for the drawer-ghost.

    2. Yeah I believe that is true. A lot of people in my country keep gemstones as they believe will make them lucky/ more wealthy because the "jinn" inside. We have a lot myth and stories that include possession of antiques. By the way nice story choice. A headless theme for this week huh? Haha

  2. That's why people, don't use Internet so much, a ghost might be the one who wrote all the things you've read!! *gasp* i-i-is Shisho a ghost too!?

    1. Who knows man. There could be websites that are being run by ghost admins.XD
      Me a ghost? Nah, man. That can't be possible right. Because people around me can see me. Wait a minute...I think my ghost friends are calling me...I'm off to scare some lonely people.

    2. Doesn't matter to me as long the ghost is keep posting nice ones haha ^^


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