Friday, November 25, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Layton vs Ace Attorney


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

One certain day, I was introduced to a room by a guy.
The room had nothing inside it except a lonely 3DS in the middle.

The guy said,

"That 3DS has Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney installed on it. You can't exit the room until you clear the game. If you clear it, you'll be awarded with a 100 million Yen. What do you say? Want to participate in this challenge?"

I can earn that much money just by playing a game? That sounds too easy! I'm in.

I accepted his challenge and shut myself in the room. ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. an easy way of being a captive

  2. For all I know, the two games has different goal to be completed. In professor layton's, we need to find who is the culprit. In ace attorney's, we need to defend someone from the accusation of being guilty. In other words, if they are vs- ing (or being rival), there is no way to complete the game. Unless you could pick one side of the character (either layton/ phoenix) to complete the game. It would not work if both are main characters like in kindaichi/conan detective game. The difference in task and main goal make it unable to be cleared.

    1. Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright is an actual game. It basically combines the gameplay of both but with witch trials instead of murder trials.In other words, this is in fact a game that can be cleared.

    2. Yes, the game cannot be cleared as it is of 28.7 hours length. The 3DS battery lasts for about 7-8 hours.
      The room doesn't have anything to charge the 3DS. He's trapped!

    3. @Anonymous- san : eeh sorry for my lack of information haha. I will find the gameplay video as I don't have 3ds :3 thank you for the info!

      @Shishou: Ohh quite long for the visual novel one. And yea, we all need to keep our eyes open for something fishy like this! Hahaha. But again, money is root of all evil. Who doesn't love cold, hard cash?

  3. There's so many elements that could make up the "cryptic" portion! Firstly he has no food and water, and I like Winda Natalia's explanation as someone who only knows the 2 games separately and didn't know there was a collaboration. Secondly, only the 3ds is inside with no charger. Once it runs out of battery, he's trapped!! And who the hell can finish an entire game on a single charge?

    1. That's exactly the cryptic part about it. The room doesn't even have electrical sockets, 3DS charger, water, food. From what I read on the game requires 28.7 hours to complete.The 3DS battery only last about 7-8 hours. So there is no way he can complete the game. He's trapped for eternity.

    2. @Anon-san: thanks and pardon me for my information lacking. I don't usually google when I try to solve cryptic stories. Anyway thanks for the reminder, I will try seacrhing for the gameplay instead.

      @Shisou-san: being invited to a room by someone I don't know is pretty suspicious even to begin with haha. And what a creative way to capture a gamer, I should be aware and be more cautious then!

  4. time to speedrun yo!


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