Friday, March 17, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Her Umbrella

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

He was met by a downpour as he exited the store.

He picked up an umbrella from the stand and begin moving  towards the road.

After moving for a while he noticed that somebody was following him.

"Excuse me!....That's my umbrella."

He turned around only to find a woman who had been completely soaked in the rain.

Somehow he mistook her umbrella for his own.

He apologized to her, and returned her umbrella.

In just a few moments, he found himself drenched because of the rain . He didn't mind and continued towards the house.

When he reached the house, he bid goodbye to her and entered the house for a shower.

After all, he was quite cold with the rain water and wanted to have a nice hot shower.

There was also an important thing he wanted to do, but he decided to wait till midnight.

When he got out of the shower, he dried his body and hair, dressed himself up, and exited the house.

It was still raining.

He opened up the umbrella and hasted to his house.

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  1. when he bid goodbye he murdered her

  2. Either he forgot his umbrella at home or she brought it to him?

    1. He followed her to her house and murdered her. Then he used her shower to clean himself and then at night he went to dispose her body. He murdered her over an umbrella! That's insane.

  3. He's her stalker. He took her umbrella on purpose. He then proceeded to go to her house and take a shower there, that's why he knows what her umbrella looks like. If you guys look closely, they repeatedly mentioned "the house" but by the end of the story the guy quickly went back to "his" house, insisting all this time that he went to someone's home, which I assume is the girl's house.

    1. He could be a stalker but at the end he did murder her.
      He followed her to her house and murdered her. Then he used her shower to clean himself and then at night he went to dispose her body. After that her returned to his house.

      Btw, nice noticing the details.

  4. Eh but I thought he was entering someone else's house, because if he murder her, why did he murder her in front of the house and not inside the house? People could be watching him.

    Also, he had another important thing to do, which implies that "murdering someone" was not his goal at that time. He might be planning to murder someone at midnight though. But this hasn't happen before he exited the house.

    Or maybe, someone ask him to watch their apartment or fetch something and that is why he went back home, because there is nothing left to do there.

    1. I think he murdered her outside as it was a rainy day so the streets must be deserted. Also it could be possible that she lived in a solitary place. Again it could be possible that he murdered her inside the house, i.e. in the entryway.

      The "important thing" means that he wanted to dispose the body.


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