Saturday, April 22, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Digging Holes

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

An online friend of mine, whom I met through a net-game, has started a part-time job in Tokyo.

His job is to go to some specified place and dig holes.

All of the places he goes to are deserted. Sometimes he's asked to do his job in dense forests, while other times he's asked to do the job in deep mountains. The hole he's asked to dig, in any case, must be very deep.

He gets paid around 30k Yen-50k Yen for digging a single hole. The money is good so he got no complaints.

He, however, has not been on the internet for a while. I wonder what happened.

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  1. I suppose he dug his final hole,then.

  2. He was working for the mob and turned on them?

  3. be positive people! the friend's not dead! he's just busy with his work (digging holes) because there were so many demands all of sudden. i guess the mobs ready to have a war with another group. daaaaamn the guy digging holes gonna get rich and be a "whaler" in net-game

  4. I just know this blog today, and kinda have mixed feeling, kinda sad why i didnt know it sooner, and glad since if I know your blog sooner, I might end up paranoid when i had trip to japan lol

    1. Welcome to the site.
      You never know; they Japanese ghosts could still be lurking around you! XD


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