Friday, August 4, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: The Creepy Mirror

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

A certain middle-school had a huge mirror on the landing of the staircase.
It was rumored that anyone who stood in front of that mirror at 4:44 ended up dead.

One day, 3 girls of the arts-club were all alone in the art room after school, finishing up their art works. As the clock approached 4:44, they jokingly decided to pay the mirror a visit.

Though, they didn't look in the mirror when they reached there. They decided that the loser of the rock-paper-scissor game would have to test the urban legend.

So, the loser girl went there and stood in front of the mirror exactly at 4:44.

...Nothing happened.

The 3 of them laughed at the rumor and decided to return to the arts-club room.

...It was now 7:00

The girls decided to head to their homes. The girl, who had tested the rumor, wanted to remain for a little more time to finish up her work. 

"You two go ahead. I'll stay here for a little longer."

So, she stayed there alone, trying to finish her work.

After finishing the work, she headed out of the art room, and towards the mirror.

The clock was pointing to 7:16

She looked in the mirror.


A pair of hands came out of the mirror and pulled her inside.

The Japanese people sure love their mirrors.

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