Saturday, November 18, 2017

Japanese Horror: My Sister's Ghost

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Ghost Story


This incident took place when I was still in the middle-school. It was during the school-excursion I met a young lady who was our advisor for the trip. I should tell you that I've always been an occult fanatic, so this time too I, after having some immaterial conversation with her, ended up steering the conversation into the domain of occult.

"Sensei, have you ever experienced something unearthly?"

Judging by her expression, she seemed like she was one of those "psychics*".
She collected her thoughts for some time and began articulating her thoughts.

Six-years ago, Sensei started noticing strange things in her house. Though, she didn't pay much heed to the spirit in the beginning. Rather than being scared of it, she was indifferent to the spirit's existence. 

The spirit was a middle-school girl. Sometimes, she would be seen standing in the corridor, other times she was sitting on the stairs and looking down at the Sensei.

Needless to say, Sensei got a little scared after seeing her so many times. When she couldn't bear it anymore, she decided to ask her mother about it. The mother, though initially ambivalent, decided to tell Sensei the truth.

"The guy who planned this building had a daughter, who'd often come to see her dad working during the construction of this building. Unfortunately, a construction-accident killed her while she was near the staircase."

Many times we contemplated contacting the planner-guy to ask about this, but we never got a hold of him.

When she was finished with her story, I felt nothing but empty feeling in my heart. It was not because I was scared but because of a certain thought. The thought that the girl Sensei was talking about could be my very own sister who died 6-years ago in the same way. The planner-guy they couldn't contact was most probably my own father who committed suicide 5-years ago.

Probably, the thing that astounded me the most was that my sister hadn't still entered nirvana**.

I explained it all to my Sensei and asked if I could go and meet my sister.

The next day, I reached the Sensei's house. Sensei took me to the place where the ghost was frequently seen. The room didn't have much light and was already dimly lit like twilight.

"My sister has been living all alone in such a place for so long! I feel disgusted with myself." Such thoughts echoed in my brain.

Sensei left the place to give me some alone time.

Despite the intense emotions that had rendered me speechless, I collected my thoughts and began speaking.

"Sorry for making you live in this place all alone for such a long time."
"Sorry for not noticing your pain."
"I've come for you now. Let's return home together."

Tears started dripping down my eyes in the midst of my monologue.

What must be my sister thinking of me? I made such a kind sister suffer for so long in solitude.

A few moments later, I felt a someone's pat on my shoulder.

I turned around.

A completely unknown girl was standing there---her face eliciting nothing but dread.
A wicked smile appeared on her face as she whispered.

"You'll take me with you?"
*Psychics: Here psychics means someone who can see ghosts.
**Nirvana: Going to heaven.
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