Monday, March 12, 2018

Japanese Horror: The Deadly Premonition

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Short Story

I have a special skill of foresight. This skill, however, is not as good as it sounds. If anything, I consider it more of a curse than a skill.

Imagine enjoying a peaceful day and suddenly you get a horrible premonition of the demise of your loved one. Sounds more like a curse than a blessing!

The premonition of my mother's death precluded me from shedding tears when it actually happened.
When my friend passed away in an accident, I couldn't cry as I already knew about it due to this curse.

Today, at school, it was announced that we are going to Hawaii for the school trip.

We reach the airport. The roll-call starts. Suddenly, I start seeing images in my head. It's the premonition. It is the premonition of a bomb going off in the airplane we are about to board. It all feels like a movie. I can even feel the blast on my body.

I hear faint voices in the background. I snap out of my premonition. The roll-calls are going on.

Thank god. We still haven't boarded. I need to alert the teachers. But are they going to believe me?
What should I do?

The roll-calls come to an end. The teachers start giving boarding direction to the students.

Me: "Sensei, can't we change the boarding time?"

They paid no heed to me.

This is bad. Need to do something. At this rate, they are going to board the plane. What should I do?

I make something up. I lie to the teachers about my father collapsing.

"It's an emergency! I need to go to my father. He's in trouble!"

The teachers allow me to stay behind.

All, except me, board the plane. They wave their hands at me to say goodbye.

"Goodbye everyone..."
I know what will happen to the plane.

The plane accelerates and takes off.



"Dad, I saw the news on TV. There was a terrorist bomb attack in the airport. Is big-brother going to be okay?"
"Don't worry! The attack happened after the plane's take off. Your brother must be safe on the plane. Look forward to the souvenirs."

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