Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: I'm hungry

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


A king of a certain country was on a voyage with his fellow soldiers. One day, a violent storm conjured up that swallowed whole of his ship along with the crew members.  Only the king and one of his soldiers survived. They both got washed ashore on a deserted island.

King: "I'm starving. Bring me something to eat. If you do that, I'll promote you to a higher rank."

Soldier: "Really? I'm going right away!"

The soldier brought the food and fed the king.

King: "I'm hungry. Bring me food and I'll promote you to a much higher rank."

Soldier: "Understood!"

The soldier handed over the food-stuff to the king.

King: "Bring me food. I'll promote you to an earl rank. "

Soldier: "That would be great!"

The soldier immediately handed over the food to the king.

King: "If you bring me food, I'll make you a duke."

Soldier: "Okay!"

The soldier gave the food to the king.

King: "I'm starving."

Soldier: "I'm very sorry but I can't bring the food anymore."

King: "Don't worry. This time I'll do it myself."

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  1. the soldier...gave his own flesh to the king? or is it the soldier take the flesh of other dead soldiers until they were none left so the king tried to eat the soldier?

    1. The former one is correct. The soldier gave the meal four times to the king. Four times means that he cut his left leg, right leg, left arm, and then right arm. So, when the king asked for food the 5th time, the soldier refused as he couldn't cut his limbs without using his had. After all, he need a hand to hold the sword, right?XD
      So, then the king said that he, himself, will do it---he will cut the soldier himself and then eat him.
      Btw, the king is a sick person.XD

  2. I thought of the first answer but not the second since I'm not sure if the corpses will wash up ashore - and would probably rot quickly!

    He probably gave as much meat as he had until he could no longer move or something similar?

    1. Yes, the soldier offered his own limbs to the king until he could no longer cut himself.

  3. But if you went by limbs then for the fourth time you mentioned - how could he cut his right arm without a left arm? Unless he used his mouth in which case he can still use his mouth to cut the rest of his body :S

    Also in the story, the King no longer promises him any positions in the last line (previously he said he would make him a duke) so does that factor into the story?

    1. Maybe he cut his right arm using his right arm itself. It could be possible that he swung the sword with a force enough to separate his arm from his soldier.

      In the last line king didn't offer him any better position, so the soldier outright refused. But now the king knows that he can eat soldier with ease as he doesn't have any limb left with which he can pick up the sword and defend himself. That's the reason the king decided to do the job himself. Hope that answers your question.

  4. the scariest thing wasn't the fact that the soldier offered his own flesh to the king, but how the soldier couldn't think straight anymore... I mean, there is a whole ocean nearby, surely at least there would be a fish?

    1. Loyalty could blind someone I think. Like love, you could magically do anything that normally you would not do, for the sake of your lover. Make us could not think straight.


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