Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Japanese Ghost Story : Sorry...Sorry...

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Ghost Story


My parents passed away when I was 12 years old.  Consequently, I and my brother, who is 3 years younger than me, we both were sent to live with our relatives. We ended up living with different relatives, though.

Things were somewhat okay during the first month; I managed to get by. Time passed and I started realizing that the my relatives have been considering me nothing more than a bother. I could sense that they were growing cold towards me day by day. Therefore, I dropped out of high-school, started working in a factory, and then moved out of my relatives' house.

When I turned 17, my brother moved in, and we both started living together.

I wanted my brother to live a normal life, so I worked very hard to get him into a high-school. I worked in the factory during the daytime, and I worked as a hostess during the night.

3 years later.

My brother graduated from high-school and moved to Tokyo in search of job. I quit my job as hostess and started working at a nearby supermarket.

The employer there was a great person; therefore, I enjoyed working there. I became friends with my coworkers and my days were passing quite peacefully.

I even found my lover there.

I didn't have any experience of such things until now, so everything was quite a new experience for me.

One day, I was a little late for my work. I crossed the road hurriedly and due to my carelessness, I didn't see the car that came dashing towards me.


I got hit with a great force and then got dragged with the car for about 20 meters.

During those moments, I could see my whole life revolving around me, just like we hear in stories.

When I came to my senses, I found myself in a hospital.
I was lying on a bed. A few thoughts came into my mind.

People's happiness and misfortunes, their quantity is already pre-determined, right?
I had found a lover, I was enjoying my workplace, and now this divine punishment befell upon me to balance my happiness with misfortunes.

Luckily, only my right arm was fractured. The doctors conducted some medical inspections and found that I had suffered some liver damage too. Therefore, I needed to be hospitalized for
a longer period than expected.

One night, I retired to bed after switching off the lights, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't sleep. So, I started brooding over various things.

Why did I come into this world...?
If my life was going to be this terrible, I shouldn't have been even born in the first place...

While thinking about such things, I sensed something behind me.
Thinking it might be a nurse, I wiped my tears and looked back...

My parents were standing before me!

Astonished, I couldn't get my voice out. I wondered whether it was a dream...
Thereupon, my mother started brushing my head gently while repeating "Sorry...Sorry..."
On the other side my father was present and he was looking at me with a sad face.

I was such a nostalgic feeling that the emotion that I had buried deep in my heart came gushing out all of a sudden in the form of tears. I cried very much while holding on to my mother.

Next thing I realized was that I was all alone in my room. Only thing that remained was the feeling of my mother's hand on my head, and her scent that lingered in the room.

As of now, I've become mother to a child and I'm living my life happily.
If my child said the things I said that day, I'd be pretty sad too.

Most likely, that day my parents came to console me as they couldn't see their child in such a terrible state.


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  1. What a sad story! This looks like a true story, am I right? Pretty sad that the narrator have a bad luck in her life. But she is happy and very hardworking, so her pre-written destiny seems not so sad anymore ^^

    1. I really hope it's not a true story as the narrator suffers some seriously terrible luck. First she loses her parents, then she quits school, and at the end she almost meets face to face with the death. And I don't even know what her brother was doing all those times when she was hospitalized. At least she gets to meet her parents and understands that they don't want her to be in a terrible state anymore. I know it's a story but I did feel sad when I read the original text for the first time---It was more depressing to read the original story. Emotions got lost in translation XD
      Fortunately, the ending turned out be be a happy one. Yay!

  2. Nice story Shishou!!! more plz :3


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