Friday, October 21, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: The aged cat

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


Our family had a cat who had been a part of our family even before I was born.
As I grew up, the cat also aged with me and grew weaker and weaker .

Right from my childhood, I had health problems, so every now and then I'd get asthma attacks and had to be rushed to the hospital.

During my elementary school, I got severe asthma attack. I was hospitalized.

In the hospital room I saw a dream.

In that dream I saw my cat saying something to me.

"A-chan, are you in pain?"
"I'm going to a far away place, so I'll also take your pain with me."

When I opened up my eyes, I got news from my parents that our cat has passed away.

From that time I never got any attack and have never had any asthma problem.

It seems like my cat really took my pain away from me...

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  1. Sorry guys for not posting during the past week. I had exams.

  2. Hey Shishou, glad to see you back! The answer to the story is that the author was allergic to the cat, so by passing away it took away his/her health problems.. so sad :'(

  3. "You're allergic to cats you idiot" -my mom

  4. "You're allergic to cats you idiot" -my mom
    this short sentence by Scotch explained it all

    1. Me: But, but...Mom, cat is love, cat is life.

  5. Aww... what a sweet story! Dunno why but I suddenly remember Kayak from Gakkou no Kaidan!

    Agree. Cat is love, cat is life.

    1. You know gakkou no kaidan? That's amazing. That was my first horror anime series.

    2. It was my first horror series too, and quite popular around people of my age here in my country! XD

    3. me too, i remembered it was very scary when i first watched it! now it's not...

  6. I'm not for the cat allergy theory! Because I heard from one of my relatives that they had a family dog that they had for a long time that suddenly died when one of the family members suddenly fell ill, like the dog sacrificed himself for his owner's health. I'd like to think that pets love their humans that much.


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