Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: The cleaning duty

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


That day, it was my turn to perform cleaning duty in the arts room at my school.
I wanted to get done with it quickly and leave for home. So, while performing the cleaning haphazardly, I came across a painting which looked very different from others, for it was decorated in a peculiar way as if it was a valuable thing.

That painting was a portrait of a very beautiful woman. Her eyes were a little strange, though.

She was staring right at me with her big pupils. This unsettled me and therefore, I returned home quickly after that.

The next day when I reached school, I saw a huge commotion going on. I seemed like the painting I had seen yesterday was stolen. Obviously, I was the last person to have witnessed it, so I got called up by the art teacher.

"Hmm...It was present when you were doing the cleaning, right?"

"Yes, no doubt about it. Umm...was it a very valuable painting?"

"It was created by a friend of mine. He called it 'The Sleeping Beauty'. It was the painting of his sleeping daughter. Not much valuable if you ask me. Also, both the artist and the daughter are no longer in this world."

"Is that so...?"

We never found the painting.
The strange thing is that we didn't even find any traces of the thief.

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  1. Sleeping beauty huh? But the eyes are looking straight at the narrator. But the thief is also a mystery, unless.. the narrator stole it yesteday.

    1. I don't think the narrator stole it, as he was clearly frightened by it.

  2. Oh oh i got it. "his sleeping daughter". how can the narrator see the girl's eyes if the painting is a sleeping girl. cryptic and gave me a goosebump. i think she opened her eyes. ghost painting

  3. old but gold, always giving me goosebumps. there's no trace of the thief, because the daughter who had awaken from her sleep, just walked away.

  4. Rather than that, I'm more curious as to why is there no traces of the thief. And morever, a haunted painting that got stolen the very next day. Maybe it vanished?


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