Sunday, November 11, 2018

Japanese Cryptic: The Magical Drug

 Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Cryptic Story

I'm a spy. Currently, I'm in this country where they are developing a certain 'magical' drug. The special thing about this drug is that it's supposed to make your body incorporeal.

I'm masquerading as assistant to a professor who's the lead on this project.

After months and months of research, the drug was finally produced. I wasted no time in stealing it.
Now, the plan was to escape from the facility. As I was escaping, I was caught by the professor.

Prof: "What...the hell are you doing?"

I: "Hehe! Just think of this as my reward for helping you all the time."

Prof: "Stop with this nonsense! The guards outside will kill you."

I swallow the drug and point the gun at the professor.

I: "Shut up! Do you even know about this drug? Guards will kill me? What a joke! This drug will make my body incorporeal and make me pass through walls."

Prof: "That drug works perfectly...and that's its defect."

I: "Perfect and defective. Don't talk crap to me."

The professor started laughing hysterically.

Prof: "You will see soon enough"

Suddenly, I felt as if my body was floating.

I experienced all the things: agony, pain, and death.


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