Thursday, November 8, 2018

Japanese Cryptic: The New Apartment

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Cryptic Story

I got married a few months ago. My wife does house-work quite well and obeys whatever I tell her to do. Overall, she's a woman of fine-character.

We needed a decent house, so I bought an apartment. Initially, we were renting it; however, it seemed a better idea to buy it.

The apartment looks amazing from the outside--it elicits a high-class feeling. Our room had most of the furniture already present. As our room was on the top floor, the view from our window was splendid. On the top of everything, the apartment was cheap. Due to all these reasons I bought the apartment. My wife wasn't too pleased with my decision, but she agreed somehow.

A certain day, at around 11 in the night...

"Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud---"
"Hahaha Hahaha---"

It seemed like a baby was running and laughing.

I didn't mind it much and went to sleep.

However, the noises didn't cease. Every night, I was disturbed by the annoying noises.

When I couldn't take it more I decided to complain to the tenants upstairs
"This is it. I'm going to tell them off!"

My wife, who had never opposed me, grabbed my arm and said in a weeping voice.
" must not do that..."

I decided to drop that idea.

To this day I'm grateful to my wife.

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