Friday, January 22, 2016

Japanese Horror: Curse of transfer student

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Creepy Person


I was a strange child right from my childhood. That's because I used to see black haze behind my friends.
Even when I told this to other people they wouldn't believe me. Well, who would believe such thing?
Because of that I was always bullied.

One day a transfer student protected me from bullying. She was a long-haired, gentle girl.

From that occasion people stopped bullying me.

One day, a few of my female friends said this to me:

Girl: "Do you dislike X(Name of girl who protected me) ?"

Hearing that, I was not able to say anything.

After that, it was X (Name of girl who protected me), who started getting bullied.

But I just turned a blind eye on her, despite the fact that she was the one who protected me when I was getting bullied.

After a short time, X changed school.

When I heard that I cried very much.

Definitely, I didn't protect her from bullying, so she changed school when the bullying became unbearable.

When I became a first year student at middle school, I got a severe injury on my arm.

After that whenever I got any injury, it got even more extreme.

Moreover, I saw X in my dreams one day.
"Why didn't you protect me at that time? ," she asked me repeatedly.

At that moment I understood.

This was X's curse.
And then, recently, I got involved in a severe traffic accident that damaged my whole body very badly.

Isn't there a method to break this curse...?


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