Saturday, January 16, 2016

Japanese Ghost Story : On the other side of sliding door

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Ghost Story

It happened one night a few days ago.

I was lying down in my room. My 3 year old son came running into my room and closed the sliding door*. But, he didn't just close the door, he kept on holding it and tried hard to prevent it from opening.

Me: What happened?
Son: .........
Me:  Why are you closing it?
Son: It will come inside.
Me: What will?
Son: Ghost.

My son had come from living room into my room and he might have seen something in the entry-way**.

Me: What type of ghost it was?
Son: A man.
Me: Was he scary?
Son: He was scary.
Me: That ghost, was he angry?
Son: No. But he was scary.

Son is still holding the door.

Son: I wonder if the ghost is still here?

Son asked to me.

Me: Dad wants to see him.

I open the door a little bit and take a look at the entry-way. And then I close the door and say with a smiley face.

Me: Nobody's there.
Son: Really?
Me: Yes. Now, do you want to watch TV?

After saying that I stretched my hand towards TV, but at that instant, my son opened the door to take a peek outside.

Son: Uwaaaaa......
He shut the door immediately, came to me crying and clutched me.

Son: Ghost! He's angry. Ghost! He's angry.
I stroked his head gently and tried to calm him.
Me: It's all right. Don't worry.
Son: Ghost is angry. Is it my fault?

I answered him with a smile.

Me: No. It is not your fault.

That's right it's not my son's fault.

Definitely, it's my fault because I pretended not to see him.


* Sliding door フスマ(fusuma): Japanese sliding door.
**Entry-way  玄関 (Genkan) : Traditional Japanese entryway area for a house.       

Fusuma image

Genkan image


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  1. That plot twist though.

  2. I noticed just now that in the beginning it states that it happened a few days ago. That leads me to believe that nothing really to them though, which kind of takes away the horror.

    1. Maybe something did happen to them. It can be possible as there are many stories in which the protagonist is dead, but still narrates it.

    2. I think even if nothing happened to both of them, it is still scary knowing you have the ability to see something eerie. And the ghost is angry making it is scarier XD


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