Saturday, January 30, 2016

Japanese Ghost Story: Knock

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Ghost Story


 Students, who were on a school trip, decided to stay in a certain hotel in Kyoto.
That hotel had two parts: old section and new section. The students stayed in old section.
The students were put into groups of two students and were allocated one room per group. So, two students stayed in one room.

That night...

A student X said this out of the blue:
X: "I hear that they don't come out in the new part of the hotel, but they do in the older part." 
Y:  "Who comes out?"
X: "Ghosts."
Y: "There's no way they'd come out. LOL."
X: "Well, about that. I hear they knock the doors in the middle of the night."
Y: "That's just a rumor. Anyway, we're both tired, so let's just sleep now."
X: " OK. Good night. "

For some matter, Y woke during the midnight.

He tried sleeping, but the talk from before started engulfing his mind.
And because of that he started getting scared. The moment he tried sleeping again, there was a...


Somebody knocked on the door.

Y, panicked and astonished, tried waking X up.

Y: " Hey! Wake up!"
X: " What are you doing? Waking me up in the middle of the night. "
Y: " There was a knock." 
X: " Knock? What do you mean by it?" 
Y: "Somebody knocked on our door."
X: "Huh? Are you half-asleep? There's no way somebody knocked on the door. "

In the next instant... 


Both of the students froze int their place.

X: "Ar.., Are you serious? " 
Y: " Fo..., For now..., Shall we try going out? "
X: " It's too dangerous. Don't even think of doing that. But..but.. I've another idea. Why don't we try returning the knock from our side?" 
Y: "Don't do that. It's dangerous." 
X: " No...It's a good idea...Just leave the rest to me. "

And then, X approached the door and said this:
X: " Is it okay if we ask you a few questions? Please answer by knocking on the door.I'll ask simple questions, so please answer them.
One knock means Yes,
Two knocks mean No.
Okay? "

X: "Are you a ghost?"


X: "Are you an evil ghost? "


X: "Do you want to go to heaven quickly?"


X: "Are there any other ghosts beside you?"

The moment he asked this question...
There were a lot of KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK....
sounds from the inside of the room.

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  1. i have read an urban legend similar to this, but it was about a man who pretended that he was accompanied by an invisible friend. he did it to fool people, day by day. but someday when he went to a cafe literally alone, the waitress served his table with one more cup, and one more, etc until many cups of coffee as if there are a lot of people with him whom he can't see.. haha it's so creepy

    1. Hehe! That's one creepy story. The moral is: don't pretend to have phantom friends or you might actually end up with one. XD

  2. For some reason this reminds me of a story called Clap clap:

    1. Thanks for sharing the story. Let me read it...Holy shit! The story is exactly similar to this story except that the main characters and the setting has changed. Even the ending is same.


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