Saturday, August 27, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: The doorbell

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


Recently, someone has been playing doorbell-prank on me.

There it occurs again! That person is back to prank me.

But I can't do anything as I'm scared.

...The bell has been pressed, 9-times, today. Ah, it stopped.

Why does the person rings the bell for different number of times everyday?

I remember, they rang it 5-times yesterday. Before that it happened for 1-time.

Before that they rang it 4-times, and even before that day, it happened 1 or 2-times...

I don't quite remember the ringing frequency before that but I believe it was the first day.

Tomorrow, how many times are they going to ring it?

For how long is this going to continue?

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  1. when the rings reached 12, the author's gonna be dead...probably

  2. I'm confused because based on the narrator story:
    1. today rings 9 times
    2. yesterday rings 5 times
    3. day before yesterday rings 1 time
    4. 2 days before yesterday rings 4 times
    5. 3 days before yesterday rings 1/ 2 times [first prank]

    The frequency is so random, maybe the bell itself are broken? Haha. Or the narrator mistaken doorbells for grandfather's clock? Or morse code? hahaha sorry this time I have no idea XD

  3. Actually, the be''s ringing frequency is not random. It is like this: ?, 1/2, 4, 1, 5, 9.
    Now if we see the value of PI, it is 3.1415926 and so on.
    No we if substitute 3 in the ?'s place and 1 in 1/2 place, we see that the prankster is ringing it according to the PI's digits. And we all know that PI goes on forever. So basically, the ringing is going to go on forever.

    1. I am so creeped out by that....but I think if the prankster is a female (whether she's a ghost or human), I'd love her to be her lover. Who wouldn't want such devoted woman who tirelessly rang your doorbell?

    2. Haha! That seriously cracked me up.XD
      I reckon she'd make you eat PIE everyday, I meant PI. Hehe!

  4. @Shishou-san : wow such a Mathematical ghost is she? XD Pretty clever though
    @hemu hemu-san : but the bell ringing kinda annoying right? I couldn't sleep well if that happens ^^

    1. Maybe the ghost was a mathematics student. :)
      But seriously, who can remember PI upto that extent? I only know 3.14 :(


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