Saturday, August 6, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: The match girl


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

It was a very chilly night.

A girl was in the town trying to sell matches.

"My dad told me: if I don't sell the matches, I can't return home."

She was trying to sell the matches desperately, but sadly nobody seemed to be interested in her.

Unable to bear the sheer-cold, she took out one match an lit it on fire.

A Christmas tree and a goose could be seen in the flame.

She kept on staring at the magnificent view in the flame until it went out.

Once again she lit the match. This time, her late grandma appeared in the flame.

She thought of ways that would prolong the fire so that she could see her grandma for a little longer.

She came up with the best idea. Her idea allowed her to stay with her grandma for the whole night.

The next day, 2 corpses were discovered.

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  1. I don't understand why there are TWO corpses..

    1. One is of her father and other is her own. I've posted the explanation in winda's reply. :)

  2. The grandma's and the girl's corpse, that's two

    1. The girls is one of the corpse, but grandma? No.
      The grandma was already dead in the story. That's why her figure appeared in the flame. The other corpse is of her father. How she did it? I've explained it in winda's comment.

  3. Her grandmother was already dead. Unless "late" was a pun - e.g. She was not on time to meet the girl

  4. I always cry when reading this story :(
    I think the two corpses was the girl and her father.
    She implicitly said that she can not go home before she sold out her matches. That could mean, they (the girl and her father) desperately living in poverty. Based on that, if the girl do not bring any money home so they can not buy food and then die of starving :(

    1. It's such a tragic story. :( But wait there's something more sinister to it.
      Yes, the corpses are of the girl and her father.
      She could see her late grandma in the flame, so she decided to extend the flame for a longer time by setting fire to her house. Her father was probably in the house at that time so he got converted into a roasted corpse. She did this 'cause she hated her father--He forced her to sell the matches on such a chilly night. Also, she could could spend the night with her grandma's figure that had appeared in the flame. But at the end, she too died of starvation and cold. Maybe, she froze to her death on that chilly night.
      Hope it didn't disturb you.:(

    2. Whoa! That was a very scary story instead haha. I did not imagine that she would be burn her own house. I did thought she was an innocent girl! Great story Shisou-san! Thanks for explaining also

    3. But she said as long as she doesn't sell any matches, she can't return home. Did she return home an instant she saw her grandmother?

    4. @Ritik
      I think it goes like this: She was forced by her father to sell matches on a chilly night. It means the father looks like an abusive person. I think he was hated by the girl. She lit the house on fire as it accomplished two things: 1)The father died 2) she could stay with her grandma's figure till the whole house turned to ashes.
      Hope that cleared it.

  5. this wouldn't happen to the girl if Shishou adopted her! and give her some warm place and warm food. one innocent girl died T_______T

    1. Haha! What if I told you I was the one who her the magical matches that lead her to death. *Evil laugh!*


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