Saturday, August 27, 2016

Japanese Ghost Story : My daughter's birthday

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Ghost Story


That day was my daughter's birthday so a lot of her friends had gathered for the birthday party.
But her best friend was nowhere to be seen. My daughter insisted that we start the party only when her best friend comes.

We continued to wait for a long time, but the friend didn't turn up. I persuaded my daughter to start the party as we couldn't wait forever. Moreover, the other friends had started getting bored of waiting.

So, the party started...

At the beginning, my daughter was not happy with me for making her start the party without her best friend, but as the party continued on, she started enjoying it together with her friends.

We did a lot of fun things in the party: chit-chatted, played bingo, ate cake. And  in such a way, the party came to an end.

After all, her best friend didn't arrive. When she realized it, she grew a little sad.

After the party, I was cleaning up the room. In the midst of it, I saw my daughter running up the stairs and going up into her room. She looked happy.

Strangely, I could her talking to someone else inside that room. "How is that possible?" I wondered.

I got worried and went to her room.

She was all alone! I check every corner but no one else was there.

I asked her, "With whom were you talking?" She replied, "The friend who didn't came to the party."

"I can't see. Where is your friend right now?", I asked her. She pointed under the bed.

I looked under the bed...

Her friend was there...

But the friends' face was completely crushed and blood was gushing out of the body.
I couldn't hold my self and screamed at the top of my lungs.

I came to know after that. That day, her friend was on the way to the party but got involved into an accident and passed away.

That friend didn't break the promise after all...even after death.
Listening to Shiki's soundtrack while translating this story made it even better.:)

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  1. double update!!!! moral value is, no matter what happened, when you promised, you have to fulfill it!

    1. Yes hemu hemu-san, turns out this story holds a friendship moral value :)

    2. Though to be honest, olease ghost if you appeared to fulfill your promised don't appear with a scary bloody face

    3. If a friend appears in such a state in front of me, I would be freaked out as hell. XD

    4. Because who doesn't haha ^^
      Maybe I would faint in the first place, Shishou-san


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