Monday, December 12, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: The Controller

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

"That's why I'm saying, I have the controller in my hands. I can control the radio-car with it. If I press the back button, the car moves backwards. If I press the forward button, it moves forwards.
The radio-car doesn't move on its own, I'm the one who's controlling it."

"I know that."

"In other words, if you look from the car's perspective, I'm the god!"

"Ehh...What if it stops moving according to the controller, according to you?"

"In that case...I'll crush it with my foot. I'm the god, didn't I tell you!"

"That's why I'm not following her stealthily. I'm intentionally giving away my presence to her.
She's was not scared, but now she's scared because of me.
She was at ease, but now I have made her face stiff. 
She is looking behind again and cute.
I'm controlling her, I'm the god who's controlling her! "

"What if she does a movement that was not according to your controller...?"

"Yeah...that's the reason, I've done this...I'm the god that's why!"

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  1. It sounds like he's killed a girl he was stalking.

    1. Exactly, you got the right answer in first try. Great!

  2. What? He just want to follow her to make a point? How creepy. Yeah maybe in the end, he will kill the girl if somehow the girl stop moving or maybe turn backward.

    1. Yeah, he's a creepy person. But don't say that loudly, he's a god and he might listen you. XD

  3. Replies
    1. It's about a stalker who has this funny idea in his head that humans can be controlled like a RC car, that's why he starts following a girl, trying to control her movements with his imaginary controller, and when she does an unexpected movement, he kills her.

  4. My theory is that the 'god' is a child with psychopathic-like mental disorder. He's talking about a small car with a remote control (the last sentences are about the moment batteries die). And the 'she' part may not necessarily refer to a human being - it may be about his pet. When it tried to escape, or - more probably did some harm (bit him or... scratched him), he killed it. He showed it that he's stronger and bigger, that he's 'the god'.

    It may not be a satisfying theory, maybe it even doesn't match some parts, I don't know, but it's the first thing I thought of when I read this story and I can't get it out of my head to think about something else XD

    1. Hey mate, thanks for checking out this site.

      child and psychopathic--the juxtaposition of those words make the imagery even more bizarre. haha

      I think the best explanation is that the narrator is a stalker who kills the girl in the last sentence.

  5. Well....I finally stumbled upon website which upload loads of cryptic Japanese Stories so thank you for your hard work! It has been a while since the last blog I visit frequently was Saya In Underworld which has been inactive for long time.
    The story remind of a deepweb story with a girl , kidnapped , and turned into a doll... Her limbs were cut off to prevent her from fighting back. So...that is why I think that is why I think this story is someone with god complex and kidnap someone....then purposefully disable them to make them obey the kidnapper. Not killing least not yet....the torture just started

    1. Thank you. It seems a lot of my readers used to read sayainunderworld too, like me.

      Deepweb stories are creepy, lot of weird shit happens there.
      Your theory does fit with the story. Imagining the torture of the girl is giving me goosebumps.

  6. one last question...who was the author talking with?????

    1. Maybe a partner in crime. But...but just like you I'm gonna put up plot-twist this time: He's talking to his other personality. :D


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