Friday, December 30, 2016

Japanese Urban Legend: The Taxi Driver

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Urban Legend

Backseat Ghost

This story was narrated to me by one of my friend, who said that the story was a real experience of his dad.

I don't want to disclose his dad's name, so I will use the pseudonym A to refer him.

A-san is an experienced Taxi-driver who has been in this businesses for about 35 years. He drives the taxi from morning till late night, always helping the passengers to reach their destination in minimum time.

It was a rainy night. A-san was a little depressed as he didn't get many passengers that day. While riding his taxi back to the garage, he passed a desolate road that went thorough a hilly area. He had used this road a couple of times, but today was the first time he was crossing it late at night in a rainy weather.

The rain droplets were hitting hard incessantly, making it difficult to make out the road in front of him. As he progressed further, a silhouette of a woman came into his sight. He slowed down his taxi as he approached her. "Do you want to go anywhere?" He asked her.
He was rather ambivalent about stopping his taxi for her but decided to do anyway as he didn't want to disrespect the customer.

The woman told him the location and got inside the taxi. She didn't have an umbrella, so her whole body was completely soaked with rain-water.

A-san tried conversing with her during the ride, but she didn't respond to anything.

At last, the taxi reached the destination. When he turned around to ask for the money from her, he one! The backseat was completely empty...but he could see that the seat was still wet.

A-san was horrified by now. Somehow, he mustered up the courage and started heading back to garage.

"Don't you want your money?" a voice came from backseat.


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  1. is the ghost a girl? is she pretty like sadako-chan?

  2. I imagined the one from Nube where the ghost is attached to a otaku and dresses the ghost as his waifu. Nube makes ghost story less scary :D

  3. This one is really popular in my country! There are a lot of variations too. One says that the girl was young and beautiful and after he left her at the cemetery she told the taxi-driver that she had forgot the money and gave him her parents house address where he could get the payment. When he arrived to their house in the following morning, he told the couple that lived in the house about the story and recognized the girl from a picture in the living room wall. The couple told him that it was impossible because the girl on the picture was their daughter who had passed away some years ago and that the previous day was her death aniversary.

    1. Thanks for visiting.
      Yes, this urban legend is kinda present in all the countries, albeit with minor variations. The first time I read it was in a Urban Legends book and was the American version. In Japan alone, it has a lot of variations, with "The Fatal Fare" version as most popular.
      In some version, she takes the taxi from a hospital to a desolate cemetery and disappears after reaching there.


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