Saturday, December 3, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Our Private Moment

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


You jump up everyday in the air just to get a glance at my beautiful face.

But no matter how many times you desperately try, we never have our moment even for a single second.

Even then, you keep jumping up for hours.

People are watching, don't you mind them?

This is our secret.

What the hell! Why the hell does that woman sit on the second floor everyday!

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  1. soooooooooo it's a dead woman who kept repeating it's final moment , but then one day the woman stopped jumping?
    this jumping stuff reminded me of that one hell of scary ghost in Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

    1. Maybe the ghost it already sick with the narrator behavior itself and afraid to face the narrator (because maybe she thinks it's creepy). Like "Hello I am the ghost and I am not doing this for you. But eeh, you are too delusional to open your eyes. So better if I don't see you again and stay at second floor instead".

    2. Idk when I read this I'm thinking there's a crazy woman sitting on the second floor everyday hallucinating about someone jumping up to see her face OR the person is a firefighter trying to talk her down (but in real life they would eventually just break her door down so this doesn't seem realistic) OR she's crazy but also seeing a jumping ghost???

      Or is the jumping woman the crazy human, and the first bit of monologue is from some sort of ghost in the ceiling, or even the moon itself? So confusing.

    3. Time for the reveal: The woman is actually a stalker who sits on the second floor everyday and peeps on the trampolinist who practices his jump everyday. It's just a fantasy of her which makes her think that the trampolinist is trying to reach her. The first few lines are the monologue of the woman and the last line is the monologue of the trampolinist.
      Your theory was kinds close.
      @Winda Natalie
      That's funny in it own way.
      @hemu hemu
      I've been wanting to play that game for a long time.


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