Saturday, February 11, 2017

Japanese Cryptic: Late Night Jogging

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

Recently, a lot of murders have happened in my neighborhood.

Despite knowing this, I went on for my late-night jogging.

After a few minutes of jogging, I came across someone standing near the streetlight.

Slowly and slowly, I moved towards the streetlight.

That person seems like a weirdo; didn't even move an inch.

Could it be...that person is the murderer?

Realizing that, I increased my pace.

That person shrieked after looking at me.

I didn't want to get involved with the person; so I ignored.

I passed the guy as I made a run for my life. 

After that, "I" wasn't seen by anyone.


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  1. They both thought each other was the neighbourhood murderer, and both panicked. Although the last line makes me think there may be more to it...

    1. Is it possible the jogger was the killer that they let their guard down? Afterwards, they ran into the real killer but weren't worried.

    2. The story can be interpreted in both ways: the killer could be the narrator or the weirdo person.

      If we assume that the narrator is the killer:
      By the last line it could mean that "I", which is used by the narrator to refer to himself/herself, successfully killed the weirdo and escaped, so that's why the narrator wasn't seen by anyone after the murder.

      If we assume that the weirdo is the killer:
      Bu last line, "I" could mean that the "I", the narrator, was killed and disposed by the weirdo, so therefore, the narrator was not seen by anyone.

  2. Pretty funny japanese stories...they usually use letter such as K-san as person pseudonym.the jogger was I as in me. I (me) met someone in streetlight (a guy). Then I as in a person pseudonym come closer to streetlight. I (me) realized the guy might be the murder ran as the guy rushed toward him. Meanwhile I (pseidonym) walk past the guy while I (me) was running. I (pseudonym) then get killed.

    1. Ah so me and I-san is two different person then?

    2. Probably....since I was in quotation mark.....that usually goes for emphasis of the word meant something else

    3. Quite close, but there's more to the story. Please take a look to above comment of mine.

  3. I sense a killer with a split personality in the story.

    1. The story can be interpreted in two ways. I've posted in the above comment.

  4. high chance that he/she had a MPD

    1. That's highly unlikely. Basically, the story can be interpreted in two ways.
      I've posted the correct explanation in the above comments.:)

  5. I thought that the weirdo screamed when he looked at the narrator because he saw the killer behind the narrator XD
    I need to read more stories XD


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