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Japanese Urban Legend: Hanako-San

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Urban Legend

The incident I'm about to narrate happened when I was in the second-year of my elementary-school.

During those days, the urban legends such as Hanako-san and Kokkuri-san were quite popular among the students. Even in our school we had a toilet where the infamous Hanako-san was said to appear.

Corridor in the evening

According to the legend, you have go to the girl's-toilet, which is adjacent to the incinerator, at around 5 PM, and then knock 3-times on the first door while saying "Hanako-san, let's play!", if there is no reply, then do the same to the second door, then third door , and lastly to the 4th door. When you are done, you will hear a reply " Yes." from the 4th door.

Hanako-san of the toilet

Nobody knows what happens if the door opens as there is no mention of it in the legend.

We were a group of 4 friends: I, B-kun, C-kun, and D-kun. During those days, we would go to the nearby shrine and do the Kokkuri-san ritual all day.

For the Hanako-san ritual, it was mandatory to go alone, so we weren't quite interested in testing it out. But one day, while we were having luch, B-kun said that he wanted to test the Hanako-san legend.

Well, a lot of students had already tested the legend but they didn't find anything supernatural, but that could be because none of them went alone.

I wasn't particularly interested in testing it out, but due to B-kun constant persuasion we decided to go with it. We settled for a Rock-paper-scissors game that would decide who'll test the urban legend.
Ultimately, B-kun ended up losing the game and had to go alone in the rumored toilet that day.

We didn't want to stay in school till 5 PM, so we told B-kun we would wait for him in the nearby park.

School in evening

So, as our school got over, all of us, except B-kun, went  to the nearby park to wait until B-kun returned.

As the clock struck 5 in the evening, we started getting excited for B-kun's return....we waited, and waited, and kept on waiting....the clock struck 5:30, then 6:30, but there was no sign of B-kun.

Now all of us were contemplating what might have happened with B-kun. It was already getting dark and so we decided we should return to our homes too. As for B-kun, we assumed he must have chickened-out and went the home early.

The next day we were told of B-kun's death.

It seems he died an unnatural death inside the rumored toilet.

After the incident, we stopped fooling around with the supernatural.

Now, 15 years have passed since that incident, and sometimes I feel I should meet with my old pals C-kun, and D-kun, and have a detailed chat with them abut the unfortunate event that took B-kun's life.

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