Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Earphones

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


The earphones, which I purchased this morning for 9800 Yen, have gone dead.

Could it be because I was listening to them on maximum volume? Looks like it.

Damn it! They costed me 9800 Yen!

I got so much angry that I punched my 450000 Yen Plasma-TV.

When I calmed down, I checked it for damages.

The picture was okay, but the TV didn't output any sound.


I even broke my TV. My 450000 Yen Plasma-TV!

At any rate, why the surroundings are so silent today?

I should use this opportunity and go out for a walk.

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  1. well, he went deaf due to max volume that's why he thought the earphone's dead ... :v

  2. That's what I think too! I really regret blasting my music so loud when I was younger, my hearing is terrible now :(

    On a side note I found this story funny because the guy states the prices of his items, who does that?!

    1. Hope your hearing is not that bad. Loud music is one of the things I stay away from. It gives me headaches.

      Our narrator is rich I guess.

  3. Hi Shishou. I read your blog after my friend recommended it to me. your blog is so awesome. keep up the good work :D

    1. Hey Dave, welcome to the site. Thanks for the appreciation. Keep visiting. :)

  4. old but gold. seriosly people, don't turn up your headphone volume so high when you're sleeping or in a crowded area. unless your headphone has a nice anti-outside noise, don't wear headphone in a crowded area because even if you maxed the volume, you still can hear the shits people talk about

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of people whom I know, love to blast the hell out of music in their ears. Once a guy asked me to check his new earphones out. As soon as I put it in my ears, he blasted the music on max volume. Let's say I didn't test people's earphones from that day on. :D

    2. @Shishou-san: well it was a very cruel joke. Earphone volume level is should never be at maximum!

      @hemu- hemu san: don't wear any if you're out. Seriously, my friend almost got knocked by a car because he did not hear the car honking!

    3. @yummycakexian
      It was a very cruel prank indeed. The max-volume wasn't much loud, but it did faze me.

      Yeah, a lot of people put their headphones on while they are on busy roads. This thing should be avoided as it leads to very severe accidents.

  5. cochlear implant is expensive lol


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