Monday, September 5, 2016

Japanese Ghost Story : The manga-club's guest

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Ghost Story


This incident happened while I was still in high-school.

I, together with other girls, had formed a manga club where we would gather and talk about our favorite manga and do doodling in our notebooks. Our club supervisor was also our social-studies teacher, so he had provided us the space for our club in social-studies room. We gathered there after-school and enjoyed a lot.

Once in a while, a few girls from other clubs also paid a visit and had fun together with us.

That day too, I, the club-president, was on my way to open the room-door. When I reached the club-room, I saw my friend, S-chan, standing in-front of the room with a pale face.

S-chan was that type of person who would never visit the manga-club even when invited a dozen of times. So, I found it strange that she was here to visit the club. I inquired, "What's the matter? It's rare to see you visiting the club."
"You should not enter this room today!" she blurted out.

It was a rare-sight to see, generally calm and quiet, S-chan speaking in such a loud voice, so naturally, a lot of students started gathering around her, wondering what galvanized her.

Thereupon, another student, T-chan said, "Yes, don't enter it today."
This T-chan and S-chan were what people call psychics*---they had the ability to sense ghostly-presence.

"That's because you people already have a guest. It is sitting on the that chair over there.", said S-chan.

"It comes to visit everyday."

I leaned forward towards the door and took a peek inside the room using the small glass-window on the door. I scanned the room with my eyes, from corner to corner, trying to find out something out-of-the-world. I fixated my eyes on chairs---our club-room chairs were there, arranged in a neat manner; but there was this one chair that was out-of-order from the rest. It looked as if someone was sitting on it. It was odd, as we always neatly arrange the chairs everyday before locking the club-room.

"How could it be possible? The chair is empty but looks like someone is sitting on it", I murmured to myself.

Our club-supervisor had given us strict orders to leave the club only when we had arranged the furniture and cleaned-up the room. We performed our duties everyday without any problems.

Now I think about it, everyday we put the chairs in order without giving much thought. Even if some chair was oddly arranged, we would just put it in right order. We never got the chance to question whether it was due to spirits or ghosts.

"It has also passed through our bodies a lot of times, but I didn't tell anyone as it didn't seem harmful... ", T -chan spoke in an ambiguous manner.

I imagined such a scene and immediately got goosebumps.

At the end, we all returned to our homes without any club-activities.

Thereafter, we resumed our club-activities without paying much attention to our invisible-friend.

Just, "Came again today...", we nodded to ourselves and looked at that empty seat that showed subtle vestiges of something being seated on it.

It came silently, sat on the same chair, listened to our lively chats, and gazed at us---that was the routine of our invisible-friend.

I wonder if it still does the same thing to the current members of the manga-club...?

*Psychic: Here psychic means people who can see and sense ghosts.
Most likely, this invisible-person was just a creeper when alive. :D

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  1. plot twist: this new friend was once a supervisor of the social studies club who was killed by the current club supervisor. this new friend always watched over them in case something bad happens.

    1. What a nice twist. Now the invisible-friend seems like a good person. Nice Job.
      But I still don't believe this invisible-friend. As they say, don't believe until you see it. :)

    2. True you cannot believe it until you see it. Oh and you did a great job on this story.

  2. I guess it's just a lonely ghost that yearns for companions.


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