Saturday, September 10, 2016

Japanese Urban Legend: The woman in the gaps


Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Urban Legend


This incident happened with a student (let's call him A) who had moved to Tokyo to attend a University.

It all started one fateful day.

A was resting on bed, trying to release the stress that had accumulated in his body after attending lectures all day long, when suddenly his cellphone started ringing.


The person on the other side was his friend from High-School. He was calling him in-order to have him for a sleepover that night.

Initially, A tried to decline his offer, but seeing how persistent the friend was, he reluctantly agreed.

The friend's apartment, which was in the Suginami ward, was 10-minute walk from A's house.

When A reached his friend's apartment, he got surprised with the bizarre scene that was in front of him.

Every crevice in his house was covered with a packing-tape.

"Thanks for coming."

The friend greeted A with an unenergetic voice. It was strange as the friend whom A knew since High-School was a cheerful and energetic guy day-in and day-out.

He tried asking the friend the reason for his gloominess, but the friend only replied with ambiguous answers.

That night, A noticed that his friend woke up numerous times and uttered words like "It's watching, it's watching" in his sleep. It continued on till the next morning.

The next day, the friend bid A goodbye with a weeping face.

A kept on thinking about his friend the whole time while on his way to his house.

When A reached his house, a sudden feeling of being watched took over him. It felt like someone was watching him from somewhere in the house. Of course, there was nobody beside A in the house. He didn't even have a pet. A didn't give it much thought as it might've have been his imagination...or so he thought.

Next day he started getting that feeling again. There was no one in the house except him, moreover, his room was on the 3rd floor. It was unreasonable to think someone peeping on him at that height.

He checked the closet, but again he couldn't find anyone.

This went on until one certain day.

Like always, he was moving around the house, shifting his gaze from one point to another in order to find the origin of the feeling.

His eyes stopped at the crevice between the wall and the chest of drawers. He moved towards it...


There he saw...a creepy-woman, who was in that crevice, staring at him with her demonic eyes.



He fainted.

When he regained consciousness, he frantically started covering the crevices with packing-tape, just like his friend.


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  1. I should mention that I burnt my finger while translating this story. Maybe it's cursed.

    1. How did you burnt your finger while translating it? Are you alright now?

    2. @Ritik
      I was drinking hot coffee while translating it and accidentally spilled it on my finger. I'm totally okay now. Thanks for asking. Hope you enjoyed the story.

  2. I read this story before but reading it again still creeps me out. Thanks for the translation! Hope your finger heals soon.

    1. It has healed now. Thanks for reading the story.

  3. Great Story and you did good on the translation. I am happy your finger is better. I cannot wait to go to Japan myself. I want to live out the rest of my life in Japan.

    1. It wasn't much of a severe burn; healed in just a day. Thanks for appreciating the work:)
      If you got to Japan, beware of these creepy ghosts :P

  4. to be honest, asian countries has a lot of scary ghost story compared to other continent

  5. Maybe you got scared by the pictures and accidentally got scalded. XD


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