Friday, February 5, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: A conversation at school

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


A conversation at school.
Me: "I'm having a headache."
Friend: "What's up with that dead-like face. LOL. Are you OK? LOL. Lie down and rest."
Me: "...Yes, I'll do that."
Friend: "You'll be all right if you sleep. Take care. Nowadays, diseases like influenza are widespread."
Me: "Yes, they are."
Friend: "If you are unlucky, you might even die." 

Me: "OK. I'll take care."
Friend: "Then lie down! "
Me: "Thanks!"
Friend: "Good night!" 
Me: "Good night."

That was the moment when I noticed something.
And after that, I thought it's better to stay away from this friend.
In the original Japanese text, this story becomes scary if we read the friend's lines vertically. I didn't know how to write equivalent text in English, so I translated it normally. Anyway, you'll understand the friend's message. Just read the red words.

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  1. A cryptic story on my birthday! Thank you ^^

    1. Hi there. Thanks for reading.
      Happy Birthday!
      Keep reading. I'm in the middle of publishing even more stories.

    2. Whoa thank you! Looks forward to them ^^

  2. So I'm guessing this "friend" wanted the narrator to die? I'm just assuming this from the red highlighted words and putting them together, making the sentence "All right, die"

    1. Yes, lucifier san. You're correct. The Japanese version was cleverly written so you needed to read the lines vertically to understand the message. I didn't know how to write message in the same way, so I translated it and highlighted the words that give us the original message.

  3. I managed to find Okaruto's version:

    Don't get me wrong, your blog is excellent! Just an alternative method of translating that you could use in future, which helps you keep your stories cryptic and lets us guess :)

    1. No problem mate. I, myself, have been an avid reader of Okaruto, i.e until the author stopped posting. I like to stay away from other Japanese-horror-websites during translation process as I don't want to affect my translation. But yeah, they could be helpful when I don't know how to write a story in their English equivalent version.


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