Monday, February 15, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Help! Son is going to kill me!

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story

"Help me! My son is going to kill me!!"
The message from 110* number sounded something like that. I, being a new-comer, got excited and headed towards the place, together with my senior.

When we finally reached the place after 20 minutes---the address was inferred by the telephone number---we saw a normal looking house.
We used the house's inter-phone and out came a haggard looking guy who looked in his 20s. Behind him was a old lady who was grinning.

"Sorry to bother you, but we received a telephone call from this place."
The man apologetically replied,"I'm sorry. It looks like the grandmother called you by mistake."
"It was your grandmother? Umm..Is your father home?", I asked.
"You don't have to tell. Do you have any injuries? Are you okay?", my senior asked the man.
"It's okay. I only got a little scratches.", the man replied.
The old lady was grinning as usual.
My senior, with an all-it-knows-face, said to the man, "Take care.", and then we returned to the patrol after that.

 Honestly, I didn't understand this story. Who dialed 110, why was the old lady grinning or why did the senior asked about injuries, I didn't understand any of those. If any of the reader decrypts this cryptic story, then please tell me about it.
*110: Japanese equivalent of 911.

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  1. Honestly I also do not have a clear suggestion on this story. But I did notice that the dialer is should be the grandmother. And from what I read, it seems like the senior wanted to switch the narrator attention. What for? He seemed very suspicious.

    What if: the 20yo man is the child of the senior, he was asked to kill the "sick" grandma by her father. Unfortunately that did not happen well (maybe the grandma resist and attack the 20yo). After that the grandma call 110. She was grinning in front of the senior and narrator because she wins this time (the 20yo failed to kill the grandma and therefore got attacked by the grandma). That's why the senior pretty worried about his own child got harmed and he only says "take care" to the man, not the grandma.

    1. Wow! Your theory is something I didn't even think of. The senior did talk to the man like he cared for him. He even interrupted the Junior's inquiry about the man's father.
      The senior didn't ask much questions to the man and left with "take care". Something really seemed suspicious there.

    2. I have 2 different theories about this story. First theory, the person who called 110 was the 20yo man's mother. When she called, her voice was trembling thus resembled a voice of an old woman (grandmother). The son successfully killed her mother. The senior is most likely the 20yo man's father that told his son to murder his mother. He quickly checked the crimescene so the other officers wouldn't investigate this case any further. I suspect that his grinning grandma is their accomplish as well. That's why she grinned the whole time because she didn't want to make the narrator suspicious.

      The second theory is that the grinning grandmother behind the 20yo man is already dead (a ghost). He killed his grandma. In the story, the senior officer only paid attention and spoke to the young man. Maybe that's because the only person who could see the grandma is the narrator.

  2. Thanks for reading and analyzing the story.
    You've put some deep thought into it.

    Both of your theories completely make sense. Most probably, the first theory is the correct explanation if we rule out the supernatural part. But just like you said, only the narrator was able to see the old lady. This means she's already dead and was grinning because she might take her revenge soon.


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